Ranking The Great British Baking Show Seasons

Well one of my favorite comfort shows is back this week (and like most comforting things it couldn’t come at a better time)! Anyway I thought I’d rank the seasons cause I can’t help making lists right now.

Also apparently I have a rather controversial favorite contestant 🙂

So from worst (unfortunately the most recent) to the best Great British Baking Show seasons on Netflix.

Furious Love: Todays Celebrity Couples Don’t Compare

I honestly feel like even the wildest most outrageous (scandalous) super couples of today would have a hard time topping Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in their heyday.

Which makes them fun to read about. And also because for all the scandal and all the jewels and fighting it actually was a deep, true love that most people probably don’t ever get even if in the end it’s all consuming in destructive ways.

Would Peter Drag Peter? Spiderman Thoughts

So after the Spiderman No Way Home trailer I ran into a bunch of on-line “hot takes” that were like oh, I can’t wait for Tobey’s Peter to drag Tom’s Peter! Oh it will be fun to see him smack him around…

And naturally I was like wait what?

But it all of course came back to Tony and the idea that Tobey’s Peter (let’s call him OG Peter) would drag Tom’s Peter (let’s call him Marvel Pete) for being friends with Stark and taking the tech.

And naturally I thought no, no, he wouldn’t but I rewatched the first two Spiderman films to see if my thoughts held up and I came to some interesting Spider related ephihanies.

Nightmare of the Wolf: First Rate Witcher Work

Okay even for a Witcher animated movie Nightmare of the Wolf opens with such violence I was like, eh maybe not.

Luckily I stuck with it and this look into the life of Vesemir (he’s super important to Geralt) was well worth it. And while violent throughout with a great battle at the end nothing really reached the gross violence of the opening if you’re squeamish.