Frank Review

I’m a bit torn on Frank. On the one hand Michael Fassbender is amazing as a guy who hides himself underneath a very large corny looking head and creates music with a band with an unpronounceable name. He’s charismatic, sympathetic and the best part of the movie.

On the other hand he’s pretty much the only character I liked. Jon stars off well as the underdog but his quest for social media fame wore thin. Clara, in my opinion, is pretty much unlikable throughout. Honestly I think Maggie Gyllenhaal was a little bit miscast in this one. I understood Clara better at the end but I still didn’t like her. The rest of the bandmates didn’t even register to me. They were mostly background.

Plus while it has come cute moments and I liked the musical bits I think the preview gave me the wrong impression. It’s not really a comedy movie I’d say if anything it was more bittersweet by the ending. But I did love Frank and his desire and ability to look for and find the beautiful and creative moments in every bit of his life and the world.

So I’d recommend it for that and Fassbender’s great performance alone. I just wish I had read up on it a little bit more and knew what kind of movie I was getting myself in to watching.

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