Usually I don’t get attached to new television shows as I figure they aren’t going to last past the time it takes them to iron out any kinks and get good. Broke my rule with Gotham on Fox which I’m really loving. In fact three episodes in and its the only show I’m managing to stay caught up on.

First I should say I’m not really up on the comics. Second I loved the Christopher Nolan movies which people seem divided on. But on the show even the things I thought I wouldn’t like such as Fish Mooney being way over the top and even a little hammy actually works out and I find that I really enjoy the show experience overall.

Best parts so far:

Gordon and Bullock (Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue). It’s a pretty typical crusty old cop whose cynical and world-weary and a young idealistic partner who gets on his nerves/brings out the best in him (so far) but they make it work for me. I really like both actors they have excellent chemistry together. The back and forth and relationship there is working, in my opinion, better than Jim and Barbara.

Atmosphere/Setting: It’s like a big city mesh of time periods. Gotham looks great. The police precinct of corruption gives me this weird cathedral vibe. The city looks beautiful from a distance and dirty, old and falling apart with crime up close. So pretty much just what I always imagined Gotham should look like while still being generally realistic.

Oswald/ Future Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor). The actor is new too me but he’s my favorite part of it so far. Future Penguin’s already pretty much a violent sociopath but that seems to be the only thing that ever works out in his life and previews make his relationship with Gordon look interesting. He does such a good job being innocent and vulnerable that you can understand how people keeping missing the crazy. I’m looking forward to this character unfolding as there’s a lot of potential here.

Distracting things:

Cat Teen (Carmen Bicondova) is very good only she looks so much like a young Michelle Pfeifer but sounds like an adult that it’s kind of off-putting.

This version of Alfred (Sean Pertwee) seems a little rough and unstable. Not sure what to make of that but I’m not entirely sure I like it. Alfred is one of those characters that should always be sound and reliable.

Still the show is such a fun enjoyable time that I’m glad I broke my rule. (Please don’t cancel it Fox! Please!) I think hardcore Batman fans will be fine with it but I could also see it appealing to people (like me) just on the basis of delivering a good, well-acted drama with a nice bit of action on the side.