Best Times at the Books, Part II

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Well, the last couple of days sure got away from me. I guess that’s what you get when you agree to spend the holiday watching a two-year old. No time for posts 🙂

But I hate not finishing listing the best times I had with books last year. This series about the strange happenings in government cordoned area of land in Florida is definitely one of them. In the first book we follow a team without names except professional designations (Biologist, the Psychologist) on an expedition into the area. We know very little about them and only come to learn that previous expeditions have either never made it back or died soon after and in strange ways. The Biologist is trying to find out what happened to her husband. There’s little information.

(Don’t expect concrete answers about anything here.)

It’s a trippy series more of a screw- with- your mind nightmare to me. My favorite is Authority where a man, whose mother has connections to the government and the site, is sent to take control of the bureaocratic nightmare the office has become… what starts off like a bad comedy with weird, pale co-workers, the leftovers of the person that had the job before and co-workers that don’t like him quickly becomes an actual nightmare. I felt like two is where you get the most answers and the most action. It also has the deepest character studies not only in Control but in his trying to figure out what happened to the expedition in the previous book.

Bonus points for this series being released super fast! I’m a patient person (still waiting for Winds of Winter after all) but it was nice to fall into the story and have the following books be released at a consistent pitch. I read them fast too which is always a plus.

Would I recommend? Science-fiction and mystery fans would enjoy but beware if you are someone that wants concrete answers and explanations this might not be for you. Despite my usually feeling that way- I thought they were very interesting and entertaining. And very easy to picture as a movie.




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