Friday Movies: Gone Girl & Lucy

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I’ve been catching up with my movies thanks to some well-timed Christmas gift certificates & these were two I really, really wanted to see in the theatres but just didn’t get around to. So available on ITUNES? Sign me up! I really have no patience to wait for rentals either. I really should work on that. Both these movies play into my kick recently of wanting really strong female characters though I’m not sure there the right kind of strong female characters.


There will be spoilers below:

Lucy-  Lucy unwillingly becomes a drug mole to some new synthetic drug (don’t pay too much attention to the drug because I’m pretty sure it doesn’t make any sense.) Idiot guy kicks her a whole bunch of times in stomach, package bursts, Lucy is transformed into a super woman who is able to use more and more of her brain power. Science aside she eventually becomes pretty close to God like. This movie is trippy and silly but I did like the idea of what we could do under that situation.

Scarlet Johansen was good throughout but after the infection she basically goes emotionless robot and I already knew she could kick some ass.

My biggest problem with this movie? Lucy’s supposed to be super smart, beyond actually, and she has no problem killing yet she leaves the bad guys alive not once but twice! Why? Well, the show down at the end I presume. But I just kept yelling,  “No, kill them!” Guy in surgery- shot in head. Killer who did this to her? Maims him but doesn’t kill him. NOT SO BRIGHT.

Recommend: Rent don’t buy.

Gone Girl- Reading Gone Girl was weird for me because it was one of the rare times I wasn’t spoiled & it was great. And I’ll be honest up until the end I rooted for Amy. I mean guy moves wife to hometown, ignores her, lives off her money and then gets him a nice young girlfriend but wife has pre-nup… that’s usually what comes out after they drag the wife’s body out of the river. So yeah before she goes full on horror movie at the end I wanted to high-five her. But she is no role model.

Rosamund Pike is great as everyone says and I think this might be Ben Affleck’s best performance yet. Nick is the character you hate, you like, you feel sorry for and wind up questioning his sanity and judgment. Gillian Flynn adapted from her book so the screenplay was really strong. The picture runs more than two hours but it held my attention straight through.  The movie asks if you can really ever know the person your married to and it’s a pretty good ad for living alone as I’ve ever seen.

Recommend: Rent it for sure.

Warning: I like to offer warnings because I feel like I can take a lot but yeah, there’s a scene at the end (you know it if you’ve read the book) with Neil Patrick Harris and Rosamund Pike that was way worse seeing it play out then reading it.

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