Favorite Times with Books 2014 Concluded!

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 I was not actually going to finish my Favorites in 2014 but what the heck? There was only this one left and while I’m not big on retelling (writes the girl who watched Once Upon a Time for the first time in years to see live-action Frozen). I had a lot of fun playing in Marissa Meyer’s world of cyborg and fairy tales and definitely think it’s worth a read.

 Cinder is a cyborg mechanic girl contacted by the young, handsome (of course) soon-to-be Emperor Kai to help fix his Droid. The Evil Queen in this is from Lunar and has the power to bend people to her will and manipulate reality left and right. Cinder goes for Kai and also finds out some information she desperately needs to tell him about the missing and presumed dead Lunar Princess- the only person who it’s believed can beat the bad Queen.

 Scarlet is an ace pilot who teems up with a handsome  kid called Wolf to look for her missing grandmother. Kidnapped because she may have information about the above Princess. Scarlet also contains the Queen’s first real attack on Earth and it’s quite brutal. I’m not big on mind control I actually do think that’s one of the scariest things you can do- lose complete control of yourself. This book is where the romance between Scarlet and Wolf starts to get annoying but it’s evened out by fun bits with- now- on the run Cinder and her escape mate Thorne.

 Cress is a young girl an ace programmer whose been locked on a satellite for years spying for the Queen. Once saved by the gang (although the actual saving goes rather poorly) she joins the ever-widening group trying to defeat the Queen. There’s a paternity test in this one! This one gets a little sprawling but it brings it back in the end and sets up some really terrifying stuff on Lunar (involving torture so beware) and gets you ready for Winter which can’t come soon enough.

 Downside- From the looks of things we’ve got a while for Winter. The end of the year anyway!

 Huge Upside- The girls (cyborg included) are in charge. I love the fact that the girls are also the best at what they do & in a lot of ways do the saving or at least the planning and thinking for the saving.

Recommend: These were a pleasant surprise that I’d totally recommend regardless of age!


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