Mistress Firebrand


Mistress Firebrand reminded me of the way over the top flicks my mom sometimes watches. But one where I would make fun of her for watching but not be able to tear myself away from because I’m enjoying it too.

Confession- This book is apparently the third in a series called Renegades of Revolution but the first I read and honestly there was no issue with having not read the others.

Severin Devere is an intelligence officer for the British during the Revolution. But his loyalties are divided and they get even more so when he meets spunk and adorable (and is there ever any other kind of heroine in these novels?) Jennifer Leighton whose willing to do whatever she has to do to stay in New York and become a respected play write. I actually admired her saying hey, this is what I’m going to do the fact that she never does it or changes her mind at the last possible moment is a whole other thing.

They meet. They love. They have adventures surrounding the war, her ambition and the fact that a female spy wants him dead. They’re totally charming and fun and I even learned that condoms used to be called French letters. I don’t read a great deal of romance novels but I’ve never read one where the guy was so intent on having them before consummating the relationship. The first time anyway 🙂

There’s also a George Washington cameo!
Other confession- as much as this book was fun for me it’s probably a one-off as I just don’t see myself continuing the series.

Recommend: If you’re just looking for something different this is a good Spring break/ vacation read on the plane kind of story. A fun book to kill some free time.

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