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Into the Woods


I’ve been waiting forever to see this movie. It was just something I missed in all the craziness and I’ve been looking forward to catching up. If iTunes had released it early I wouldn’t have hesitated to buy it.

Thank you iTunes for holding back until I could rent it first. It wasn’t a bad movie but it definitely wasn’t buyable at least to me. Quick summary of the story. Emily Blunt and James Corden need to break a curse to have a child. The witch who put the curse on them super helpfully gives them a quest and sends them into the woods to break it. In the woods they will interact with a whole ton of fairy tale characters.

After a strong start and music that didn’t bother me the movie became both boring and overstuffed. Cut out all the Rapunzel stuff- it didn’t matter even though it’s set-up so it probably should have mattered. To be honest Red Riding Hood could have gone to. There’s also an incredibly jarring time skip. I was confused until I read more about the original play and realized I wasn’t crazy. It definitely pulled me out. I was however spoiled on the fate of one of the characters so I was ready for that one.

On the plus side the cast was top-notch. I could have done with more witch, more Cinderella and her Prince, more of the Baker- I even liked the kid playing Jack. But overall it was just too much crammed into one movie.

 WARNING: This is for people like me who don’t really follow musicals or theatre this is a darker film that contains mutilation, infidelity and character deaths.

Recommend: This is one of those “cup of tea” things but even besides that I think the movie had too many problems. Check out the trailers and see if you like the look of it but right now there are better things out to watch.

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