Book Gift Ideas


Book Gift Ideas

 I’m very lucky in my friends and family they’re always happy to get books. Still this information below skews toward ideas for Mother’s Day and hopefully it will help give you some good ideas. Or maybe you’ll just see something you want for yourself which is fine too. It’s what I do with gift idea lists.

  1. The Wish List & 14,000 Things to Be Happy About by Barbara Ann Kipfer: These are little books that could fit in a purse easily that would work great in a large gift basket or such. The Wish List is simply what people hope to do before they die and 14,000 Things is exactly what is says… I like both books because they make me think of things I never considered and even realize I can check off some of the things I’ve done.
  2. Treasure Yourself & Empower Yourself by Miranda Kerr: Yes, I’ll admit I have both these books. They’re pretty, little and send a good message to take care of yourself and think positive thoughts. I admit the affirmation statements in Treasure Yourself are more meaningful though. But the books just look so cute together!
  3. Make Your Own Rules/ Slim Calm Sexy Yoga/ Yoga Cures by Tara Stiles: If your mother is like mine (or me) they’re very interested in healthy living and exercise but not too intensely and have a lot of stuff going on. I discovered Stiles on YouTube with her Strala Yoga videos. Part of the spiel for that is it’s simple, don’t push yourself into poses, breath. There’s also some excellent healthy recipes in the Rules book.
  4. Book Subscriptions: They would be something you’d have to research on you’re on though because I know for a lot of people the prices are a little steep but they do have a lot of cool asides like authors handwritten notes, signed editions, other materials related to the books of the month and little goodies related to books and reading. They also don’t always take new subscribers. Powell’s has a wait time and small windows of opportunity to join but if you get the chance that’s probably the most popular of them all. 3 of the bigger ones that I know of are: Book Riot , Trust Fall and Powells Indiespensable Books.
  5. Candle Gifts: I had to have a candle that smelled like Winterfell. Or at least said it smelled like Winterfell. Which was basically how I found the “book-related” candles on Etsy. Try From the Page or Frostbeard another one that I haven’t tried yet but looks a little bit more fancy than those two is Paddywax Library.

So hopefully there are some ideas here that might help you find something for your Mother, a birthday or really anyone or anything else. They all work wonders as a personal pick me up as well!

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