The Prom Goer’s Interstellar Excursion


This book was a little bit Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, a little bit Spaceballs, and a little bit John Hughes 80’s teen movies. It also has a little bit of those behind the music documentaries to it. Fun, easy to read and should probably soon be optioned into a movie. I kind of want to fan cast a movie version now.

Bennett is a lanky musician loner who gets the girl of his dreams to agree to go to prom with him only to have her kidnapped by aliens. He then realizes that he needs to save her so as not to ruin his prom dreams. Also big credit for having him realize that if he doesn’t he’s probably going to go to jail on kidnapping charges or worse. Luckily when he doesn’t get kidnapped himself he decides on a last meal of freedom and gets picked up by the Perfectly Reasonable, a galactic band on the way to the big festival to make a comeback.

If they can stop drinking and fighting long enough they may even save Sophie and make it back in time for prom. Of course remembering my prom if I had the option I would have stayed in space.

Like I said this was a fun book and I genuinely liked all the characters and rooted for them. There was a lot of cute stuff with the band and making space music. I also liked reading a YA about kids who aren’t in a post-apocalyptic world and don’t have any kind of super powers in fact besides the whole space/alien thing they are utterly normal. I also loved that even alien band members know that you don’t just apply to one college and hope for the best.

 Recommend: Yes, especially since this is prom season. Give it to your date when you ask them and you can always say at least we won’t be kidnapped by aliens. (Probably.)

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