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In A World Just Right


There is a Stephen Hawking GIF going around where he explains that in a parallel world Zayn Malik could still be in One Direction. This is mostly to say I love the idea of multiple worlds. In A World Just Right Jonathan survives a devastating plane crash and learns that he can create worlds at will. I should have really loved this book. Instead I barely finished.

Jonathan’s main world is basically one where Kylie Simms is his girlfriend and he can just pop over to her house anytime he wants and cuddle up into bed with her in the middle of the night. She’s pretty perfect. In the real world Kylie is not his girlfriend until he accidentally tries to kiss her and the worlds start falling apart and merging together.

Basically I didn’t like the treatment of either Kylie. The real one begins to go a little crazy with all these feelings she suddenly has for him and for the first time he begins to see cracks in the fake one. He notes other differences as well which seemed to amount to me that he had never really cared about Kylie or who she was. He just was in love with the idea of her being in love with him. Understandable from a teenage perspective but not one I’m overly interested in reading about these days.

There is also a bit where he learns to save Kylie he must merge the two. Geez, I wanted to tell both Kylie’s to run the hell away from him. There’s really not much to Jonathan but the plane crash and Kylie. This is a total nitpick but the cover really bugged me too. But that was because I didn’t find the underlying romances between him and his Kylie’s all that sweet and innocent even at the end.

Now at the end there is a twist. I won’t get into it because it would be a huge spoiler. I realize that it could make Jonathan a lot more sympathetic to people. It does explain a lot about Jonathan’s character. I did want to like the story more at that point but the truth is I already had to many problems with it. I just couldn’t connect with or like Jonathan in any of his worlds.

Recommend: Negative. People on Goodreads and Amazon have given this one great reviews so I realize I could be in the minority here. I just think there are better stronger books out there besides this one.

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