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Genre: Summer Book Alert!

(Summer Books/ Vacation Reads/ Beach Books- totally a genre of its own in my head! Because quite frankly many different styles of books can fall into that category. For me anyway.)

Totally True: Kind of get the comparisons to Devil Wears Prada if Andy went off the rails.

Imogen comes back to her beloved Glossy Magazine after a medical leave to find out said magazine is in the process of being turned into an app. A buy it now app no less. Plus her former assistant Eve is the person in charge of the changeover. The story basically is Imogen struggling to come to terms with the brave new world of technology and deal with Eve at the same time.

Overall enjoyable. It appealed to me though because I love the behind the scenes of fashion magazine shoots and all and I’m also interested in learning how to code and build apps and such. So again that part appealed to me. The characters all had their moments. I liked Imogen and her family. I liked her sort of assistant to the new world Ashley.

But— I did feel Imogen and Eve suffered from being to extreme. Maybe it was because I used to be in management but seriously even the lesser things Eve did (like weighing her employees in front of others, forcing them to go to Spin classes with her and work all night) probably would have gotten her fired immediately. Even if you’re really good at technology that stuff doesn’t fly. Not to mention the one thing you find out at the end that could likely have resulted in police getting involved. Imogen meanwhile was a doormat of perfection. Seriously she used to be and technically still was in charge. Someone has to tell her she should go to HR? Really?

I liked parts of Imogen’s dive into the technological real world but again I thought the pounding over the head with her age versus Eve’s youth and the youth of the tech movement was a little bit to unrealistic considering she was only supposed to be in her early forties and had worked as the editor of a major fashion publication. I just felt like she was a little to blind there to be believable.

Luckily by the time that stuff gets truly tiring for me the book is over!

Recommend: Overall yes. Maybe I’m giving a break because I’m considering it my first real book of this summer but still if you can accept the character extremes I think the book was a fun enough read.

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