Down the Rabbit Hole


Down the Rabbit Hole

Holly Madison

Genre: Real Life People

Grade: A

I’ve always liked Holly Madison even though I’ve only ever watched a handful of Girls Next Door. To me she just always epitomized that thing where you look at some famous people and think despite the differences you could probably be friends with them. I also have weird love for Disneyland and Las Vegas. Down the Rabbit Hole is also an easy read. It’s like listening to a friend dish over a relationship gone wrong.

The largest part of the book is of course her life in the famous mansion and her relationship with Hef. He’s already knocked the book as has Kendra Wilkinson. As to who’s being honest? I guess I would have to admit nothing she says in the book is particularly surprising. My own personal opinion… It always was creepy. He probably was controlling (They were grown women and he was enforcing a 9 p.m. curfew). Not to mention they were all young mostly broke and desperate for fame and a break and they all looked alike. So like I said I don’t know what’s in her heart but as far as the book I tend to believe she’s telling the truth or at least the truth from her point of view.

Also while she rationalizes a lot of her choices (who doesn’t?) she does stress the girls were all friends, at least at that point. So why did she stay in the mansion so long? Again, personally I understood her reasoning here. I do think she’s being honest and I do think despite taking him to task pretty hard in the book she did care about Hef at one point in time. But that’s something for every reader to decide themselves if they so chose.

The one thing about the book is nothing is really surprising. The behind the scenes of the reality shows is really interesting but again these days most people know that they’re all wildly staged. The Las Vegas stuff and her life currently is kind of quick and I think understandably not very in-depth but it’s the Playboy mansion time that’s the selling point anyway. I almost feel bad admitting that because it’s very clear in the book how hard she tried to break away from it.

 Recommend: Yes. Aside from everything else it’s a pretty good summer read. Weirdly light and bubbly and real at the same time. Bonus points for the Alice in Wonderland quotes that began the chapters.

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