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2015 in Books… So Far


2015 in Books…

Favorites and Other Things

 At the halfway point of the year according to Goodreads I’ve read 73 books so far.


That does come with moving to a new town and having no life, no friends and no job here. But ha! You don’t need those things when you have books! Actually, I have to buckle down on the job thing soon but so far if I had to recap my half-year in books I’d say:

Favs (including most entertaining, moving or just plain fun):

  1. The Prom Goer’s Interstellar Excursion– get the girl of your dreams to go to prom with you she immediately gets kidnapped by aliens. Of course, right?
  2. At the Water’s Edge– girl finds herself in Scotland near the end of World War II also finds adorable Scottish guy in need of love. Right up my alley!
  3. All the Rage– a story about what happens after a girl is raped by the town golden boy and no one believes her accusations. This was one I’d really recommend to anyone.
  4. Big Little Lies– entertaining and reminded me of watching Desperate Housewives way back in the day with my mum.
  5. OCD Love Story– perhaps the first story I’ve read with someone who has the same condition. Taught me that I could manage that and maybe I wasn’t so much alone.
  6. Down the Rabbit Hole– Vegas, Playboy, reality television, showgirls and Alice in Wonderland quotes. Pretty perfect summer reading bio. 🌊

Stupidest Book Related Thing I Did:

Returned three hard cover ASOIAF books that I received as a gift because what I really thought I wanted at the time was the HBO Behind the Scenes (which only served to infuriate me) and the World Book. Yeah, still kicking myself for that move.

Book Related Goals for the End of the Year:

Slow it down, branch out and read more, think things through on different levels. Pay a little more attention (that’s actually a life goal) but same thing right? Definitely write more… So many goals (and books) so little time!

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