Ten Things I Love about Fall

I Love This Time of Year!

More like last winter but close enough.

So I enrolled in the writing 101 event that WordPress is doing and like usual I’m a couple of days behind on the list thing but I was going to espouse the virtues of this time of year and why I’ve always loved it. The picture above is last winter which is about as close to fall or winter weather as we get in my neck of the woods.

Summer might be over but good things are ahead!

 1. Time Change– I know some people hate it but I’m a huge fan of the fall time change. I like it when it gets darker earlier after all the endless sun and running around of summer I need a break. Plus it’s good to have an excuse to get home and curl up with a book.

 2. Cooler Weather and Fall/Winter Fashion– I’m over the moon this year because I survived my first summer in the desert! It will be nice to see seventy degrees again! (Sorry all you people who are rightfully dreading Winter.)

Also… boots!

3. Fall Candles– they’re just better this time of year. They smell like I imagine Christmas movies should smell.

4. Looking at pictures of people on Instagram and Tumblr who are actually busting out the heavy coats and umbrellas. I know it’s crazy but I’m jealous!

5. MOVIE SEASON!!! This is going to be so good: Crimson Peak, The Martian, Macbeth, Pan, Steve Jobs, a new James Bond, a Peanuts Movie, the last Hunger Games and yes, a brand new please let it be good, please let it be good Star Wars! I actually haven’t been this excited about an upcoming movie season in years!

6. Christmas Lights: I put them everywhere and I’m one of those people who do it obnoxiously early. (Hey, there are no street lights where I live so I like to think it’s helpful!)

7. Halloween Candy– Grabbing bags and bags of the jumbo stuff it’s the one time of year I can do that without feeling guilty.

8. Hot Chocolate and Hot Apple Cider from Starbucks– (or anywhere really) I am not one of those people who can drink hot drinks when it’s 110 degrees so I pretty much wait months to go back to some of my favorites and it’s always so, so good. I don’t drink coffee so for me it’s the best time of year to be at Starbucks.

9. The Kids Go Back to School– at my old job I used to be inundated with kids all summer long and parents who were getting more and more frazzled. I feel like I can say this without being mean because I used to love going back to school and my mother will outright tells me (with love) that the first day back was better than Christmas for her.

10. Books! I don’t know why but there is something about this time of year that just screams- read a book! More like it’s more acceptable to turn down plans and make excuses to go home and read without feeling like you should be out in the sun or doing something!

 So I am determined to look on the bright side now! Get things done and celebrate my favorite time of the year. I mean I finally did one of the blogging assignments so that’s a step in the right direction. First day of Autumn is actually September 23rd according to my calendars (I really like calendars.) but I started Monday and I’m embracing it!

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