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Great Imaginations Story Sprites! 

Yep, making sloppy X's that's pretty much it for me and Photoshop!
Yep, making sloppy X’s that’s pretty much it for me and Photoshop!

So this summer I decided to participate in the Story Sprites board from the website Great Imaginations

Pretty much my first ever on-line participation and I didn’t know if I’d manage because I generally like to read whatever I feel like whenever I feel like it but…

I’m also super competitive so though the last week was a bit of a rough one I managed all but two of the squares!

 Fairy Tale Retelling: Crimson Bound

 Adult Sci-Fi: The Fold

 First in a Series: The Wrath and the Dawn

 Set in CA: Everything Everything

 Book with a Virus/Outbreak: Fracked (Not planning on reviewing this one because it was just straight up bad. Even the formatting.)

 A Book to Be Made into a Movie: X-Men Apocalypse 

 Primary Covered Color: Forgive Me Leonard Peacock 

 Historical YA: Rebel Mechanics

 Fairy Themed: Wicked Lovely

 Set on an Alien Planet: A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet

 Cover with a Blonde Girl: Dumplin’

 Forbidden Romance: The Infinite Sea

 Female Fronted Fantasy: The Red Queen

 Love Triangle: Circling the Sun

 Cover with Silver Letters: Silent Echo

 Features more than 1 Female Protagonist: Girl on a Train

 Novel over 400 Pages: The Wild Girl (Will review this tomorrow.)

 Book with angels/demons: Fallen Angels, the Watchers and the Origins of Evil (Basically, if you know the Biblical stories you have a pretty good idea of this one. Not really a problem for me but that’s all their was- no other history, no scholarly writing or anything else. A bit of a let down.)

 So I finished the red, orange and blue roads. I had some trouble with the NA that is not contemporary but I think it’s because I’m really literal. I saw what some other people were reading and was like, Isn’t that just fantasy? Isn’t that supernatural? I’m not getting the NA part. But that’s just me. Overall I enjoyed most of the books I read.

But honestly, I probably would have read them anyway. So in terms of using this game to stretch outside my reading comfort zone, ah, not so successful. Still, it was fun but there are so many books I want to read that I probably will wait until next year if to play again if they continue the game.

However I also have to be honest about the fact that if I win one of the “prize” books it will likely be a whole other story and I’ll do it again. Like I said, super competitive about the strangest things.

2 thoughts on “Story Sprites: Final Game Board

  1. NA is a bit of a troubling category. I had to ask for some help on this one myself.

    I do hope that the next round helps stretch out your reading zone a bit further. I use this challenge as a chance to clean out my TBR shelf. Would it help if we suggested some books for some categories? To help people find something new?

    The end of this round posts tomorrow, but I will keep your link handy here, and send you your badge case. The rafflecopter will post tomorrow, and you earned the red, orange and blue entries. YAH!

  2. We are definitely going to play again! I am so glad you had fun with it and the next round goes up tomorrow. I understand if you need a break, and I thank you for writing a blog post about it that I can share! 😀 Much luck in the giveaway! That goes up today, btw. Three entries gives you a really good chance!

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