Story Sprites Game: Round Two & Badges!


So Great Imaginations is doing a Round Two Story Sprites

As you can see I’ve already marked off the “Character Center Novel” square. I think my usual scary books for October reading will actually knock off quite a few squares and it was a fun game. I’m definitely going to try to spread it out more so that I’m not fitting everything into the end when I want to read something else.

I did get my badges from the first round…


Sad to say that while I know and love Cinder I had to look up Margo Sterling and Karou and I missed out on the Mark Watney badge! If you went back over the board each path made sense to the character in the badge so now I’ll wrack my brain trying to guess what the next five paths might be.

I’m a little crazy like that.

Sorry about the prior post my kitty decided to give the computer some love! 🙂

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