Top Ten Tuesday: Dear Book Genie


Dear Book Genie:

 I have been reading the Top Ten Tuesdays from Broke and Bookish ever since I found them at work but have never managed to remember to do one. Which is insane right? It’s always the same day of the week! However this Tuesday I have some wishes for the Book Genie. I keep it under ten though…

 1. You know how Stephanie Meyer redid Twilight but switched everyone’s gender & that was after E.L. James decided we needed Christian’s POV for another 50 Shades of Grey book? …

      Let’s just nip this trend in the bud right here right now Genie!

 2. Celebrity Books: Anyone getting eight millions dollars for a book is just insane unless you bring back Shakespeare or something and I say that as someone whose counting down the days until Anna Kendrick’s book appears.

      Celebrity Book Suggestions Genie: Taylor Swift Cookbook, Karlie Kloss Lifestyle Book, Amy, Tina & Mindy teaming up to write a children’s book? 

      Yep, I’d buy them all.

3. Why does everything have to be a series now Genie? Maybe just take all the scheduled series and cut them in half and make them stand alone books? That would be awesome Book Genie!

 And yes Genie probably the most obvious book wish of all…

 4. Winds of Winter- The season six show spoilers have me worried for the first time about where the book may be headed! I’m hanging on by a thread here with this series so anytime you’re ready Genie/Mr. Martin… I’ll even take a release date for the time being.

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