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My Favorite Alan Rickman Films

My Favorite Alan Rickman Films

Sense and Sensibility

Rickman was just so good in everything that you pretty much always liked his characters (at least I did) even if I didn’t like the movies. When you hear the characters in your head or think of the best parts it’s always in his delivery. Here’s five of my favorite films of Alan Rickman some of which I’ll be watching in the next couple of days I’m sure.

Sense and Sensibility– Colonel Brandon

This was the movie I had a total crush on him. That was the problem. At the end all I could think was, “You can do so much better than her!”

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy- Marvin

Rickman’s voice and his super-depressed always bummed bot is pretty much the only part of this movie that stands out. But he was so adorable!

Galaxy Quest- Alexander Dane

I was drug to see this movie and it wound up one of my favorite comedies. The movie is about the old crew of a television space show who gets kidnapped into a real alien drama. Rickman’s character was the once prestige English actor down and out on the convention circuit.

A lot of people say he was a great “villain” actor but really, this role of the lovable grouch with the big heart was what he was so damned good at in everything!

Harry Potter (all of them)- Snape

I’m not sure anyone could have played Snape so beautifully over the years. As much as I loved his scenes with the kids my favorite was the little stuff with Maggie Smith.

And maybe like Doctor Who your first Alan Rickman role is always your (true) favorite…

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves- Sheriff of Nottingham

Oh yeah, it was over the top. He took away the “merciful” beheadings and got rid of Christmas! But he was just so funny that he jumped off the screen. And he just seemed to be having so much fun that I still grin every time the Sheriff is on-screen.

I was just a kid at the time but the Sheriff might have been my first “problematic fav” and, as would always be the case, it was because I loved Rickman so much in the role.

So thank you Alan Rickman for some of the best characters and many of my favorite movie memories!

RIP Professor Snape

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