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Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein

Grade: A+

 Funniest movie I’ve seen in theatres in quite a while.

 Ryan Reynolds plays Wade, an ex-special forces soldier about to start a new life with the love of his life when he’s diagnosed with cancer. Taking a chance on a form of treatment that goes very, very wrong he’s turned into a mutant complete with super healing powers and a messed up face.

 Oh, an he really, really wants revenge upon the dudes that did this to him. Which seems reasonable. Luckily through all this Wade never loses his sense of humor and that and Reynolds is what makes this movie work.

 Honestly, I didn’t know if I’d like this so much. There’s fourth wall breaking and acknowledgement that this is a movie like crazy and two of the lesser known X-Men. But it works. I was laughing in the opening credits and Reynolds kept it going throughout. I would say if there was one weak part in the movie that would be the villains (not unusual for Marvel) but then I thought about it…

 Because this movie is R-rated and you can get into the nitty gritty of what they do to him that did give the villains and the revenge quest a bit more heft.

 Personally I was also pretty happy with what they did with the Vanessa character.

 The fight scenes were also very well done again the fact that you could actual see consequences made them more realistic to me.

 I will say that I was a little surprised there were some really young kids at this showing with their folks. To each his own and all but this movie does earn it’s R-rating in my opinion and most of the jokes are going to fly right over the head of a young kid. Not only does the violence get gory and graphic in some instances, the language is constant and well, as an adult I thought the sex scenes were actually fairly tame but it’s not something I’d want to watch with my ten year old, you know?

 Recommend: Yes. This also might be my favorite Valentine’s Day/date movie ever!

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