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Batgirl of Burnside Vol. 1


Batgirl of Burnside

Author: Cameron Stewart & Brenden Fletcher

Genre: Superhero

Grade: A

I kind of have a crush on her.

Barbara Gordon/Batgirl is actually one that I went into knowing the famous backstory which is dealt with a bit near the end of this graphic novel. I really enjoyed this one overall. Batgirl has moved, she’s starting college, she’s got a new roommate and place to live. This is a new life.

Unfortunately probelms arise in the form of copycats, stolen identity and stolen thesis information. I like that there was a main overarching story throughout. I’ve found some of these books are all over the place because they’re combining issues of course but anyway you’re putting the puzzle together with Barbara and it’s leading up to a surprising showdown.

The supporting cast was enjoyable and I liked that they all played a part. Also Barbara wasn’t typically super powered but smart. There were a couple of times when it showed her struggling and puzzling out things and being more than accepting of the fact that she needed help…

Amazon puts this at Grade 9 and up. I agree with that. Batgirl is definitely in the Squirrel Girl/Miss Marvel vein that I’m enjoying so much right now. This would be top of the list for me though.

Recommend: Yes. It’s only the first volume of but I’m hooked and hopefully plan to read on with future editions!


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