Owlcrate March


March Owlcrate

Look at how adorable the information cards are! (I bet a lot of the cost of the box goes to making these suckers.)

Anyway, the March Owlcrate was Writer’s Block, and it came with a whole lot of goodies:

IMG_1379   Out of Prints Banned Books Socks- I admit I gave these away. They’re cute but I don’t ever wear socks. My mother adores them though!


Custom Pins from Bookworm Boutique- I think these are adorable! They say “I Read to Live/I Live to Read,” “Let’s Live in Fictional Worlds” (I pretty much do at this point) and “I Start a New Adventure Every Time I Open A Book.”


642 Tiny Things to Write About: talk about depressing Writer’s Block when you’re sitting there and you can’t even think of things to fill out in the book. The pen… I love how well the pen writes. It’s strong. It’s neat and after a couple of minutes it totally bothers my hand. I’ll use it but it will have to be sparingly.

And now for the most important part. I was a little worried that I might have already bought the book this month but not only haven’t I bought it I had never even heard of it!


The Serpent King by Jeff Zenter

This is a teen coming of age novel that also promises obstacles of creative troubles. Since this is completely new to me I’m excited to give it a read through.

This is my sixth month with Owlcrate and while it’s a pricer subscription box I’m still super happy with it & definitely plan to keep going. No repeats yet knock on wood!