June: New Releases that Caught My Eyes


It’s only the beginning of June and I’m trapped in triple digit heat!

So actually while most of the books I’m salivating over are coming in the fall (I’m looking at you Crooked Kingdom) and a lot of the movies late summer there are a bunch of interesting looking new releases for this month!

Movie wise:


Finding Dory

This one comes out June 17th and Dory was my favorite part of Finding Nemo so I’m in!



I know next to nothing about this or the game it’s based on which I admit might be why I’m excited about it. This one comes out on June 10.


The Neon Demon

I think one of the earliest ways I heard this described was as a retelling of the Elizabeth Bathory legend (and I can’t remember where) anyway it opens on June 24 and I’m crossing my fingers for iTunes because we don’t get a lot of non-mainstream movies near my place.


Me Before You

This one opens this Friday (the 3rd) and sad little me I’m probably going to have to see it alone. All my book friends are like, “Not in the mood for that one,” and the one person who didn’t know anything about it went and Googled it so yeah, probably just me for this one!

Book wise my May Goal of reading more of what I have before jumping into buying things didn’t go so well. Luckily there’s only a few releases this month that are really catching my attention. (Like I said once Fall rolls around there’s pretty much a must have book a week!)


The Leaving

This one sounds like an interesting mystery. A couple of kids disappear young and reappear several years later all except for one. June 7th.


The Marked Girl

This one sounds like a multiple worlds book except the people from the other world wind up in LA. Seems like this one’s going to be right up my alley. (June 7.)


Ivory and Bone

A prehistoric romance compared to Pride and Prejudice. Honestly you had me at prehistoric. (June 7th.)


My Lady Jane

This one comes out on the 7th and is an alternate history with three authors (which for me could go either way.) I might hold off on this one and see if it winds up in the Owlcrate Royalty box. Either way, it’s a time period I love and an interesting idea so I win no matter when I get it!

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