October New Releases

Oh man, did I hit some walls in September. I don’t feel so bad about the reading because it was pretty much every area of my life. October was offering a lot of maybe’s for me, at least in terms of movies and books. But I must say Westworld certainly kicked it off to an amazing start and I wasn’t expecting that.


Other October Goodies Include:

Bookwise we have amongst other things…


The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up The Marvel Universe– October 11th

Squirrel Girl just when I need her the most.

Gemina, the sequel to last years Illuminae, comes out on October 18th. I wasn’t overly big on the first book but I did like the style of it.

The Twelve Days of Dash and Lily- October 18th. I really liked the first Dash and Lily book plus I’m ready for a holiday novel with snow on the cover and everything.


Replica dropped October 4th. I don’t know a great deal about this book but it sounds a little Orphan Black like and there’s apparently two ways to read the novel.

I also have some scary books on my list for October reading that hopefully I’ll get to.  Movie wise I’m probably most excited for The Accountant (October 14th) because, Anna Kendrick, amongst other things 🙂

There’s also A Monster Calls (October 21st) which I still need to read. I can’t even imagine right now how much I’m going to cry in this one.

 The Girl on the Train on the 7th. Though I can never quite get over the “based on the novel that shocked the world,” in the trailers. Shocked the world? Really? But it does have Allison Janney so that’s a plus. Keeping up with the Jones on October 21st looks like it could be fun plus it has Gal Gadot, who I’ve really been liking.

American Pastoral on October 21st looks like it could be interesting. I cannot remember if I’ve read this one. It sounds so familiar though it’s been driving me crazy. Hopefully, I’ll have better luck actually getting to the movies this month.

I’ve also been waiting to watch The Witch The Neon Demon for scary Halloween movies. Because that’s about as much as I can take scary movie style.

Lastly television wise for me The Walking Dead returns on October 23rd. I have so many issues with The Walking Dead even beyond the cliffhanger but I’ll always be a Carol fan so I’m figuring as long as they have her I’m in it.

I’m mostly hoping I can get back on track with everything this month. Fingers crossed! HAPPY OCTOBER!

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