Fairy Loot September


Fairy Loot is a monthly, UK based, YA subscription box & I just could not help myself. Once I heard September’s box was all about magic I could not be stopped. Fairy Loot does offer 3 or 6 month subscriptions and they’re just starting a monthly subscription but you can also purchase a box as a one off in advance.

So for instance this was September’s box but it opened on August 1st and I snapped it up pretty fast. The price wasn’t too horrible. It’s 26 pounds add in shipping and for me that translated to about $50. Shipping was better than I thought as well. I got the box exactly two weeks after getting the shipped e-mail.

So what’s in the box?


The Book of the Grisha is a lined journal. It’s actually really lovely and I haven’t done anything with it yet because I’m debating whether or not to give it as a gift. (But I’m probably going to keep it.)

The Magic and Mayhem pins are from The Darker Shade of Magic books. I don’t really do anything with pins and my only issue is that one was not attached to the cardboard and actually open so I stuck myself when digging through the packing.


This little necklace by Pastel Clouds is also really nice. I’m not big on the jewelry you get in these subscription boxes but I was surprised by how nice the chain is. It just seems like a better quality than I’d have expected.


I like the art on this print but it just reminds me that I need to finish reading the Grisha Trilogy.


I am a sucker for candles so this one from The Castle of Fables was actually another reason why I went for this box. I am a Corporalki apparently and it happens to smell like watermelon bubblegum. It smells fantastic even though I’m more into Fall candles right now I’m totally using this one.


The book came in this little bag which was perfect because I am an absolute nut for drawing out a surprise or opening a gift. (I drive people crazy during the holidays.)


Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter

I don’t know a great deal about this book but I’ve heard good things so I was very happy to get it. (Plus, it’s gorgeous.) It’s inspired by the Russian fairy tale, “Vassilissa the Beautiful,” and set in Brooklyn and it sounds a little like a creepy fairy tale. Hopefully it will be a good Halloween read.

The book also came with a letter, a book mark, and a signed bookplate.


I’ve had a run on the signed bookplates recently and I hope they keep them coming. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy the subscription boxes.

So all in all I’m very happy with my Fairy Loot box. But I’m probably going to keep it as a once in a while treat for right now.