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Blood For Blood


Blood for Blood

Author: Ryan Graudin

Grade: A-

In Wolf By Wolf the Axis powers won the second world war and Hitler and company have spent years spreading their reach over the world. The resistance has one feather in it’s cap. Skin-shifting Yael, who takes the place of Adele Wolfe and enters the Axis Tour. A propaganda filled race across the continents where the winner get a chance to meet (and in Yael’s case hopefully kill) Adolf Hitler.
Since this is the second book in the series I can’t really talk about it without spoiling book one. So warning! Wolf by Wolf spoilers ahead:

Yael’s mission went off with a couple of hitches the biggest one being she didn’t kill the right guy. Hitler himself was using skin changers and now she’s got to make it back to the resistance headquarters where hopefully they can find someway to salvage things. Along with Luka and Felix both of whom are dealing with some serious internal (and external issues) of their own.

All in all I thought this was a good ending and a well-written book. It took me a bit to get back into it character wise. It also felt like the book slogs for a little while in the middle. I was wondering how they were going to sort everything out but actually the conclusion really worked for me. Let’s just say I was more emotional than I thought I would be up until that point.

Yael and Luka are both great characters though I was never overly big on the love story. Again by the end it worked but for much of the book I was like, “Man, up until a little while ago you thought she was an entirely different girl that had broken your heart.” Luka doth fall in love pretty fast. Felix was a whole other story. I understood his actions even if I didn’t like them although I think certain people let their guard down with him a little too much. His sister on the other hand… She did a great job of being so obnoxious I couldn’t even feel bad they stuck her in the dark closet.

Blood for Blood, like Crooked Kingdom, was one of my most anticipated books this year. I think two-book series just work really well for me. Both brought the stories to a good, strong end. Both would make kickass movies too.

Recommend: Yes. It’s a fast, entertaining read with a great heroine.

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