Favorite Female Friendships

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We could totally help you with your Negan problem.

One of my favorite things in television, film, books whatever is when there’s good strong female friendships. I picked my favorite (recent) four below and two that I have always hoped to see more of…


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Katherine, Mary and Dorothy from Hidden Figures

These three had each other’s backs, gave each other a hard time like old friends will and always gave each other the prod they needed to move forward. Ā They had great chemistry together. I especially loved when they were at the picnic trying to get Katherine to talk to Jim- knowing what was best for her and embarrassing her like the best friends that they were.


Inej and Nina from Six of Crows & Crooked Kingdom

It’s hard when you’re the only women on a team of cons and criminals hoping to commit the epic score. (I wouldn’t know that but I’m sure it is.) Yet Nina and Inej always looked out for each other. They had each other’s backs when they were in mortal danger. There was no question Nina would do everything she could to save Inej. There was never even a hint of fighting over a man.

If this gets adapted I’m going to be watching very closely how they do Nina and Inej.

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Sarah, Helena, Alison, Cosima & other assorted Clones (minus Rachel) from Orphan Black

Okay, so they’re sister/clones but in show time they’ve only known each other a couple of months- (Alison and Cosima perhaps longer). Yet they’ve fought incredible danger, life-threatening illness and a massive conspiracy that painted targets on their back together. (Not to mention all the crap Alison and Donnie pull.) They’ve put their lives on the line to keep each other safe and comforted each other over lost loves and blackmail. Not to mention the stuff they’ve forgiven each other over.

(Orphan Blacks final season starts on June 10th šŸ™ )

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Jessica Jones & Trish Walker from Jessica JonesĀ 

I knew very little about Jessica Jones going into it but my favorite part was definitely the friendship between Jessica and Trish. They cared about each other. They supported each other. Made great and stupid sacrifices for each other. Some of the rare funny moments were with Trish and it definitely felt like she lightened Jessica up and made her more bearable (at least for me.)

Those are four of my recent favorites that I think do a wonderful job of presenting solid female friendships in which nothing can come between them. So it’s seems like nitpicking for two friendships that I always want more from. But I can’t help myself.

Black Widow and Scarlet Witch from The AvengersĀ 

I’ll admit it. I’ve written actual stories where Natasha takes Wanda under her wing and trains her. Even their names sound like they would make a great combined arc for a comic. The Witch & the Widow. Come on! I mean I know it’s not the end of the world that they get such little time together. I just wish it could be a little more friendly.

Michonne and Carol from The Walking Dead

This was something I started really wondering about in season six (and have so many more issues with the show this season). My friend and I used to jokingly try to guess if they had ever exchanged a word but I guess they hugged once in the rain and were in this scene where Rick and Morgan did most of the talking.

I suppose they were really isolating Carol the last couple of seasons anyway but I do love both actresses and characters. Hopefully, if they survive Negan they can at least speak to each other in the future!

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