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Directed By: James Mangold

Starring: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart & Dafne Keen

Grade: A

I saw Logan a week ago and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Definitely my favorite movie so far this year. The movie takes place in the future where Logan is worn down, sick, tired and desperately trying to make ends meet and care for an elderly and even sicker Professor Xavier when he’s enlisted to help a young girl whose a lot like him.

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Dafne Keen as Laura.

There’s a couple of flaws I can get out of the way fast. It drags a little at times and there’s a bit where they stay with a family that even I was thinking, “Gee, this is a bad idea for those people guys.” (Which Logan seemed to realize.) But other than that I honestly couldn’t have hoped for a better movie.

I’ll try to narrow the good down so I’m not totally rambling:

The performances are on point. Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart have been playing these roles for a while now and always been good but you could tell in this they were enjoying it. They were sinking their teeth into this and going for it. One thing I always loved about X-Men was the relationship between Logan and Charles and there’s a point in this movie where Logan refers to Charles as, “His father,” which was also the point I started to cry. Even without knowing the history of the characters they really shined in this one.

Dafne Keen is also freaking amazing as Laura. I can think of a few actors who are more famous and have been around longer that can’t do half of what she can with her facial expressions and without even opening her mouth. I don’t know what percentage of the stunt work she was doing either but it was almost flawless.

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The hottest Logan has ever been for me.

I also liked how they incorporated the comics in this world. As well as how they didn’t spoon feed us things- particularly what might or might not have happened with the Professor years ago and what mutants where dead or might have escaped. That way I can fill in my own blanks. 🙂

I didn’t mind the bad guys honestly. I know some people have said they wanted Sinister (not even sure who that is) or Sabertooth (which could have maybe worked). I don’t know. The villains weren’t supposed to be big and flashy. The movie really kept the focus on Logan, Laura and Charles and that worked for me. I think it was also important that despite the more realistic violence the movie also never lost sight of what that had cost Logan, what all the death had cost him, in the long run.

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Points for not getting through that fence. That was a laugh out loud moment but also the point where I realized nothing in this movie was going to be easy. So basically to sum up: I loved it. Favorite X-Men movie definitely. Maybe my favorite superhero movie. Hopefully, it will get some award love.

Recommend: Yes. Totally worth it! I was surprised however there were some fairly young kids in my screening. Under ten I would say. Parents are going to make that call on their own of course but definitely realize they aren’t kidding about the rating and there’s some dark themes and a rough ending in here on top of it.

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