Books for Jury Duty

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Harley Quinn reads…

So I have jury duty next week which isn’t that big a deal. Last time I had to go in I wound up sitting in a chair for eight hours reading. Fun for me! Mostly it’s another excuse to go to the bookstore and pick myself up a good read (or two) to take with me.

My bookstore however didn’t have what I was looking for even though it said that they did in inventory on-line but that’s just generally how they go. I wound up looking for books that just caught my eye or things I hadn’t heard of and I had a lot more fun & think I have some pretty good options…


I saw this and thought: What the hell is Snotgirl? Yet it had me at “her allergies are running wild.” Oh. Snotgirl is me apparently. I’m actually going to go into this one blind because it seems like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

(My friend and I were talking the other day about how people on television shows never get colds or have allergies. So it seemed so perfect that I found this. I’m sorry if someone like accidentally shot Negan because they had a sneezing attack or someone didn’t want to have sex on Game of Thrones because their nose was so clogged and they had a massive sinus headache I would laugh my ass off.)


I’ve read Alison Weir before so I may have heard of this one but I don’t remember it. She kind of looks like the girl on the cover of My Lady Jane but I’m in a very Kings and Queens kind of mood right now and I don’t know a great deal about Katherine of Aragon so I think this one will be interesting.


Again, I don’t know the first thing about this one except it’s about a girl covered in hair that works for a Victorian-era carnival which seems awesome. I think carnival/circus stories when done well are crazy atmospheric and Victorian era is a big yes but it was the cover that caught my attention. Just like, “Oh, now what is this about?”

I am hoping reading will be the most interesting that happens at jury duty. 🙂

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