Top 10 TBR for Summer: Dragons, Pirates, Wizards and Parties!

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Since Memorial Day is pretty much the start to summer (and we’re already in the triple digits here) I thought I’d do a list of the Top 10 Books I Want to Read this Summer!

Most of which are fairly screaming Summer to me:

Gork, the Teenage Dragon (July 11th) by Gabe Hudson


A teenage dragon with fainting spells and nicknamed Weak Sauce. Aw! (This book better not wind up making me cry.)

Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy


This one is already out. It’s about a young swimmer questioning her sexuality. Murphy is in my top three contemporary authors so I need to get on this.

Kill all Happies by Rachel Cohn


If You Can’t Beat ’em, Party.

Senior Night and the closing of a popular restaurant lead to an epic party. Plus the hardback version of this book has a really cool map of the restaurant (apparently this includes like a little mini-theme park).

Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly


A mermaid series! This has been on my list forever but it went down to $1.99 on Amazon last week so I jumped on the chance.

Startup by Doree Shafrir


This was a Book of the Month club pick that I’ve been sitting on for a while. But the story of the going-on’s at a million dollar business sounds like a good summer read to me.

Wonder Woman Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo (Aug. 29th)


Wonder Woman meets one of my favorite authors! I might have mentioned this one once or twice already. But it’s also Wonder Woman week so I’m mentioning it again! Also this will pretty much be the tail end of summer so there’s that to look forward to!

Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller


I don’t know much about this book but… Pirates! This was an Owlcrate book that I normally might have rolled my eyes at (okay- I did roll my eyes at) but people seem to have really enjoyed it and it’s a bit different so I’m excited to give it a go.

Now I Rise by Kierstin White (June 27)


The sequel to last years And I Darken and possibly the least summery book on the list. Lada is back to retake her homeland and for some reason the shots of Dany in the new Thrones trailer make me excited for this book as well. Maybe that will be a summer thing. Retaking what was stolen from you. Lada doesn’t have dragons but Dany seems a lot nicer.

I’ve digressed. 🙂

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell


This is a weird based on fan fiction that another character in another book of hers was writing. I never had any great desire to read it but I turned out to be a total sucker for this edition. So, yeah. It made the list.

Always & Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han


(And also: P.S. I Still Love You.)

I really enjoyed the first book in the series but I didn’t really see why this even needed a sequel. Despite that I do want to give it a finish. Lara Jean is a great character (who bakes!) and I’ve heard good things about this one.

So those are the top ten (plus one) books I want to read this summer pretty much encompassing; dragons, bakers, parties, swimmers, pirates, tech businesses, one superhero, two wizards and a badass warrior. Hopefully, I’ll get through all of them!

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