Ms. Marvel & a Bit of a Ramble

Ms. Marvel Volume 6

Ms. Marvel Civil War II

Grade: A

I’ve always enjoyed the Ms. Marvel books but after the last one I think I was ready for a break. Yet I jumped into this easily without really being caught up on Civil War (you don’t really need to be) and totally enjoyed it.

Kamala deals with a lot of issues here but I really liked the underlying theme of what happens when it’s your hero whose stepped on the other side of the line and can’t even see it.

My friend and I were discussing the other day Kamala getting a live action feature. Everyone seems to think it’s a matter of time but they thought that about Black Widow to back in the day. I think Marvel’s hands might be tied until the current Captain Marvel movie drops in 2019. There had been some whispers that she shows up in Spiderman but that doesn’t seem like it’s happening (I don’t know any spoilers though.)

In Volume 6 her Spiderman is Miles Morales (they compete during a high-school science tournament) which would be cool but he’s apparently going animated. Spiderman does seem like the best bet. You could just substitute in Peter for Miles. At the end of this volume one of the characters goes to Wakanda which was an interesting tease for an upcoming story.

I’d enjoy a Black Panther/ Ms. Marvel meet-up cinematically or in novel form.

Back to Kamala my friend was completely against the idea of a Netflix show. Although I still think Squirrel Girl and Jessica Jones could be awesome.

Speaking of Spiderman. I’m still happy that Tony Stark is going to be a part of the film.

Tony Stark and Peter Parker
Disappointed Dad Tony.

I get that some people don’t like the idea or they think he’s being pushed to hard but I have to admit when this Spiderman was first announced I was like, “Please not another Uncle Ben. Please not another Uncle Ben.” After seeing the trailers I think it looks fun and the cast looks amazing but Tony definitely was my push since I was not big on yet another high school iteration of Peter Parker.

Sorry. šŸ™

I also think that Tony is toast in Infinity Wars so in a way he’ll still fulfill that Uncle Ben role for Peter. But I don’t know any spoilers so that’s just my humble opinion.

Which is somewhat off-track. Ms. Marvel Civil War II. I enjoyed it. It deals with a lot of important issues. Kamala is great as usual. I would have liked to have seen more of her trip home- that seemed super fast to me but hopefully in future volumes will get more. It helps to have some familiarity with the wider story but you really don’t have to.

So to sum up this ramble…

RecommendĀ Miss Marvel Civil War II: Yes.

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