Random Reviews: Harley, Baywatch, Khosa & Mariko

Poison Ivy
Ivy hard at work.

So I’ve been catching up on a lot of movies I wanted to see and books I’ve had for a while this last couple of weeks and wanted to do a couple of mini-reviews on what was better than I expected and what I really should have listened to others on.

Batman and Harley Quinn

This was okay but would have been so much better if it was Harley Quinn (Melissa Rauch) and Poison Ivy (Paget Brewster). Seriously even the voice work there was better. Batman was really annoying. Like I always like Batman but I couldn’t see why Harley was putting up with him in this one. Like I said- I loved Ivy to bits.

Grade: C

Recommend: If your a Harley and Ivy fan sure.

Given to the Sea

Given to the Sea was a Fairy Loot box from back in April about a young girl whose entire purpose is to dance into the sea and die but only after she’s given birth to a daughter to do the same. Reading this I enjoyed it more than I thought despite some flaws. Khosa (the main character) is an interesting heroine. I’m not sure whether I liked her or not but she spent much of her time willingly surrounded by books. So I related.

There was this whole subplot with another Kingdom that came to almost nothing. In fact the end was fairly anti-climatic and the love triangle was typical. It was just okay… up until the point where it wasn’t. Which unfortunately happened to be the end.

Grace: C-

Recommend: Nah– McGinnis definitely has better books.

Baywatch bullshit
One of the biggest problems with Baywatch.

I couldn’t help think that Baywatch was mostly about Dwayne Johnson believing his own press and image. Seriously, I wouldn’t have been surprised if people in the movie just started bowing down to him.

I couldn’t have had lower expectations going into this movie. I will say the supporting cast was charming as hell. Efron is always good in a comedy (but his abs were so distracting at times and not in a good way) and the whole Rock worship really killed it for me. It also really wasn’t funny. There should be a limit on dick jokes and Johnson worship.


Grade: D

Recommend: No. I can’t decide if the bit with Johnson and Hasselhoff talking about how he’d be in the sequel was the funniest part of the most cringe-worthy.

    Flame in the Mist

Flame in the Mist was another Fairy Loot book that I’ve had for a while. It’s about a young girl who pretends to be a boy in order to get information on the group who tried to kill her. I know this one was pushed as a Mulan retelling originally I’ve never seen Mulan but I enjoyed this for the most part.

I like Mariko as a heroine. She’s smart and quick on her feet. Though by the end it felt like a little too much. The love story is fairly typical and the magic is a little bit confusing right now and I wasn’t big on that ending or Mariko’s brother. But I like the vengeance stuff. (Seriously, everyone wants vengeance for something.) The next book should be interesting. I think I’m intrigued enough to read on.

Grade: B-/B

Recommend: 50/50. I think if you haven’t read it already you can probably wait until the next book to see if it picks up.


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