September Owlcrate: Mythical Creatures

Owlcrate September

The September Mythical Creatures Owlcrate broke my streak of not purchasing subscription boxes. I thought the box overall was only okay. But what the hell? September’s been a tough month and book mail is always the best mail.

Box spoilers below:

Hagrid and Buckbeak  spoiler sheet and pin

The little Hagrid/Buckbeak sticker is by Susanne Draws it’s adorable but seriously I missed this is the first time and nearly threw it out with the box.

dragon change purse

Son of Poseidon bath salts is from The Soap Librarian it smells like eucalyptus. I might use this eventually. No issues with the smell or anything it just means I would need to clean my tub!

The little dragon change purse is adorable. According to the spoiler card it’s an exclusive that was created by Owlcrate.

One of the reasons I decided to purchase this box was they were having a book sleeve and naturally I just had to have one. (No self control on some things.)


It’s by bookbeau which is apparently a pretty popular shop. I like the mermaid unicorn design but it’s like once I got it in my hand I had to admit I’m probably not ever going to use it. I also couldn’t fit any books in it. To be honest I don’t have the same need to keep my paperbacks protected as I do hardcovers.

Lastly and probably my favorite of the items (besides the book):

dragon bookmark

Ink and Wonder bookmark of Dany with the quote, “I am the blood of the dragon.” Really beautiful. Unfortunately when I hoped on their site to take a look around I also found another one that I really, really want now. It’s also perfect for this months book:

Before She Ignites

Before She Ignites by Jodi Meadows (along with signed bookplate, letter and a little illustrated guide to the dragons). I know very little about this book except it involves dragons, political betrayal and a girl thrown in prison. It’s also written by one of the authors of My Lady Jane. So it will be interesting to read her on her own. (The cover is another Owlcrate exclusive.)

Find Me In the Forest

Octobers theme is Find Me in the Forest. And part of me is like no but another part of me that thinks I know what the book is well, that part is probably going to let the subscription roll over one more month. 🙂

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