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The Language of Thorns

The Language of Thorns

The Language of Thorns

Grade: A+

Author: Leigh Bardugo

Illustrated By: Sara Kipin

I was originally torn on whether to even pick this book up or not. It’s a book of six fairy tales set in the Grishaverse, three of which have been published previously. But in the end I’m thrilled that I did and it’s so beautifully illustrated if you’re at all interested in it I’d definitely suggest picking up the hardback version.

As it goes I enjoyed all of the tales though I think The Witch of Duva was my favorite and definitely the most intriguing. There are a couple of stories I recognized right off the bat and a couple I couldn’t quiet place but there was a great atmosphere spanning through them all. These are also very dark tales and not everything is going to wrap up in a happily ever after if at all. I definitely wouldn’t peg this as a kids fairy tale book.

I’ve only read Bardugo’s Six of Crows duology (so far) but I could totally see the characters in that book growing up in a world with these stories.

What really sold the book was the illustrations though. They were beautiful but I also liked how they were simply done. A little bit at a time. Never filling up the page until the very end and then crashing at the end with one big beautiful drawing inspired by the story.

So despite half the stories being previously published I’m glad I picked this book up. Definitely great for Leigh Bardugo fans of course but I also think just regular lovers of fairy tales and beautiful books would enjoy this one as well. I’m glad I decided to pick this one up.

Recommend: Yes.


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