Page Habit: September Sci-Fi

Page Habit

So this is actually for September’s Sci-Fi Page Habit box. Like most things I’m running a little behind. Page Habit is a combination of Quarterly and Page Habit boxes. They’re one a month boxes for $29.99 and you can pick between several different genres in order to customize just a little bit more.

Page Habit also donates books each month to an area in need.

Dalia TOGO

They provide a little card each month with the region they picked and a snapshot of statistics and other relevant information. So you know where the donation goes. It’s a lovely little benefit to buying the box.

I picked the sci-fi box for September because it was new and I was pretty sure what the book was going to be.

Page Habit goodies

Random goodies included a time traveler patch, a little comic book pin and a cat faced coaster. It might not be a cat but that’s what I’m going with. 🙂 The pin is nice but the coaster’s probably my favorite. As near as I could tell from other unboxings I think you got the same thing regardless of the genre box you chose.

letter from author

Page Habit also includes a letter from the author.

Paradox Bound

The book was Paradox Bound by Peter Clines. I got to admit this was not the book I thought it was going to be when I saw it was about time-travel so I was kind of bummed about that. But I do like the author. So I got over it.

Paradox Bound with notes

Like Quarterly Page Habit includes sticky notes by the author throughout the book to add to the reading experience…

notes inside

That’s definitely one of the other big draws for me. Though it might be annoying to read now that I think about it.

(Completely forget but the box also included a little -27 page- short story called Sweet Cheeks.)

The original Quarterly box still exists as well. I had picked one up this last January but I still find the price of that one prohibitive. Page Habit is a much better deal for me with the added benefit of the donations. It’s a good gift idea since we’re coming up on that time of the year.

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