Owlcrate October: Find Me in the Forest!

Owlcrate October

This months theme was Find Me In The Forest! Once again I was completely wrong about the book (I have to stop guessing) but hey it was a good box anyway. Not very Halloweeny but still.

Harry Potter Mug

mug other side

The mug is an Owlcrate exclusive (the art is by Cara Kozik) it’s scenes from Harry Potter inspired by the Forbidden Forest. (Which was never really that forbidden.) It’s really cute though. And it says it’s dishwasher safe which is the most important thing for me.

Riddle's Tea Shoppe

Along with the mug naturally we have some tea from Riddle’s Tea Shoppe. It’s loose leaf and supposed to taste like blueberry pie. It smells good but I haven’t tried it yet. (Also there’s the usual little pin this month based on the artwork on the spoiler card.)

Owlcrate goodies

With the tea and the mug there’s also an absolutely adorable little coaster by Kristin Askland.  It’s so cute I will probably never set anything on it!

There’s a Cabeswater candle inspired by The Raven Cycle (which I’m about to finish an absolutely adore)! The candles from In the Wick of Time. I do like the smell (moss & mint) its very sharp but I don’t know. These little candles never do it for me smell wise in the end.

There’s also some magnetic Where the Wild Things Are bookmarks from Crafted Van. I’m managing quite the collection of bookmarks here. But I like them. Good quality. Cute. Now I just need to read Where the Wild Things Are!

Princess Mononoke print

And watch Princess Mononoke because I didn’t know what this print was! Audra Auclair is the artist. It’s really lovely. The spoiler card says it’s, “a daily reminder to be kind to this planet we call home!” Which is as good advice as any!

Wild Beauty

Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore was this months book. I must admit I really love the Owlcrate exclusive cover. The book is apparently magical realism about sisters who are in charge of this deadly garden and cursed to never leave or love when a boy shows up out of the blue. I don’t know a great deal about it.

Wild Beauty

It also came with a signed book plate, letter from the author and a little packet of forget-me-nots. I am a very poor flower mom so I may give those away or give it a try. I don’t know. I’m best with cactuses.

october newsletter

Owlcrate’s also been including a little newsletter type insert (much like Fairyloot) about the book about some of the goodies. I do like the little book recommendations based on the monthly book!

Lastly the November theme is:

Owlcrate November Theme

Which is a bit of an odd theme. I must admit I have no clue what the book will be which is probably a good thing. I’ll probably let the subscription roll over just for the surprise alone!


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