10 Books I’m Hoping Santa Brings… Into Existence

Christmas Tree

This weeks Top 10 Tuesday prompt is Books I’m Hoping Santa Brings. I’m adapting it just a bit to Books I’m Hoping Santa Brings into Existence because otherwise Santa’s told me, “You have zero self-control with books how is any one supposed to know what you don’t have!”

So below are some books I hope the elves getting cracking on in no particular order:

(Featuring celebrities & impossible books!)

Tom Hardy narrating all the books ever. With video.

Tom Hardy

My Book. Provided I ever finish, make a reasonable edit, send it out. You know? Do it.

Winds of Winter

Winds of Winter

Okay, Mr. Martin. I’m willing to compromise just give me a short story about what happens to Jaime, Brienne and you know who in the Riverlands. Also what happens to Sansa. And who wins the Battle of Ice because my money’s still on Stannis. And who does in Cersei. Cause I have my theories.

I’ll take a novella. 🙂

The Continuing Adventures of Luna Lovegood Wizarding Worlds Most Famous & Intrepid Reporter/ Writer

Fairly self-explanatory. She would totally have magically creatures though. Dragons. Friends with Neville.

Taylor Swift dark fairy tale

A Neil Gaiman- Taylor Swift dark fairytale musical. 

It can be a retelling. It would just be the two of them like mind melded combined. Taylor writing the lyrics and music and Neil doing the story. Naturally there would be a book version of course with lots of pictures.

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford Autobiography

It would be short, grumpy and to the point. Probably titled something like, “It’s None of Your Business.”

A Step by Step Failsafe Do it Yourself Book for Present Wrappers

Okay, maybe that would be more of a machine and maybe I’m just frustrated because I’m like an incapable wrapper. But a book would help.

An option for Virtual Reality Books

Okay, so it technically wouldn’t be a book per say but if you really love a book than you could experience it Westworld style (minus the killing naturally.)

Karlie Kloss

A Karlie Kloss Lifestyle Guide

Fill in the name for anyone who really helps you. I know that sounds strange but she’s definitely one of the people whose Youtube videos help my anxiety and I usually do follow her suggestions for exercise, diet and skin care especially. I think she probably could write a book one day.

And I would buy it. 🙂

There’s books for everything really! Whether I like them or not but one last thing that might happen one day…

Westworld Behind the Scenes

I’d love a nice art of Westworld/ Behind the Scenes. I thought the show was really beautiful but that could totally happen one day. I think the first Game of Thrones behind the scenes was after season 2.

So that’s the list of goodies, books and book things that I hope Santa brings! Happy Holidays!




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