Book Wrap-Ups, Hang-Ups & Hopes

New Year Beauty

So I have a weird thing about taking stock of my yearly books. Once the New Year gets closer I have to finish everything I’ve been reading. (Save for that one audio book I’ve been working on for two years.) So that it all counts and I can start fresh in the New Year.

I also completely overthink my first book of the New Year and the first movie I watch as it completely sets the stage.

My tally:

Books: 128 total

That includes 6 rereads (my best year for rereads ever!) actually seven if you consider I read Prisoner of Azkaban twice this year!

Pages: 43,355 total

It was a pretty good year overall for reading. Next year I’ve decided to jump back into Goodreads although I set the challenge fairly low (for me) as it tends to drive me crazy.

Goodreads Challenge

I’m not making myself too many reading goals this year but I really want to finish some series that I’ve started and I have that set up as well.

finish me!

Santa was very kind and brought me hardbacks of Clash of Kings and Storm of Swords. I reread Game of Thrones last year and have decided that if I reread them all but take my time by the time I’m finished with Dance of Dragons Martin will announce the release of the next book! 🙂

I also have this adorable little book planner from December’s Owlcrate to help keep tracks…

new release planner

Please excuse the dreadful handwriting of the new and upcoming releases I’m interested in.

book log

Truthfully I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to use this yet but I love books and I love planners so two of my favorite things in one was a nice surprise! (I will literally journal and plan everything.)

Truthfully, while I have some more goals in my head I’m not setting too many right now other than the ones above it’s mainly READ WHAT YOU HAVE & try to stay at least a little bit reasonable in the book buying.

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