New (to Me) Book Hunting #1

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I spend a lot of time at the bookstore browsing and I noticed last year I was mainly concentrating on and picking up those books that I was familiar with. So one of my goals this year was to purposefully seek out books that I haven’t heard of or just pick up covers that drew me in without any knowledge and attempt to expand my reading.

I definitely didn’t buy all of these. (One so far with three definite ones to come.) But they all went on my TBR pile.

meet me at the cupcake cafe

Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe and Jenny Colgan’s whole slew of books with cute deserts and recipes. I’m a sucker for cooking and stories like Chocolat. This is the book I bought and I’m about fifty pages in. Cute so far. I do hope they stop talking about characters weights soon though or I’m going to get annoyed.

songs about a girl

Songs About a Girl by Chris Russell. This one is about a photographer whose old classmate asks her to photograph the behind the scenes of his band’s rise to fame. The synopsis gives me some Almost Famous vibes. A book about music and photography!

FYI the YA section was the hardest to find books I had never heard of…

as you wish

As You Wish by Chelsea Sedoti

In this town you get one wish on your 18th birthday and it’s going to come true. So you better be super careful what you wish for you know?

Haunted in Hollywood

Haunted in Hollywood by Loey Lane

Okay, this looks like a goofy summer reader. It’s a ghost story about a Vlogger who must solve the mystery of the murderous ghosts at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. I’m a sucker for the Roosevelt Hotel so it could be interesting.

the revolution of marina m.

The Revolution of Marina M. by Janet Fitch

A coming of age during the Russian Revolution. A time in history that appeals to me a great deal and the cover blurb compares it to Doctor Zhivago which is a classic I’ve always meant to get to. (One of these days 🙂 ) Although I must admit the reviews on this one are kind of mixed and I wasn’t a big fan of the authors White Oleander.

soul at the white heart

Soul at the White Heat by Joyce Carol Oates

The beautiful cover drew me in but a book by Joyce Carol Oates about writing and obsession. This is a definite for me and hopefully soon- which is admittedly odd because I’m not the biggest fan of her books.

faith fox

Faith Fox by Jane Gardam

It was again the cover that drew me to pick it up and also because I wasn’t sure which one was the author and which one was the title. This seems like a really sweet book about a group of people who banned together to make sure a motherless girl with a distant family has a good childhood. This is another definite for me.

a secret sisterhood

A Secret Sisterhood: The Literary Friendships of Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, George Eliot and Virginia Woolf 

Well, this book sounds exactly like what the title says and it makes a good point that so many people talk about male writer’s friendships but have this idea of female writers as being these isolated figures. Also apparently includes letters and diary entries.

So this is the list I found over two visits of books that I had never heard of and in some cases authors I haven’t heard of/read yet. I’ve long ago accepted that my TBR will be endless. Let me know if you’ve read any or have any suggestions!






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