10 Things I Wanted to Do after Reading Books…


So I read Unearthed recently about two teenagers on another planet in a race to solve the puzzle left by an alien race and either save or doom Earth. It was an okay book but it made me really want to take up xenoarcheology. Basically studying alien races which would be one of those jobs that where super dull until they were super world-ending exciting.

It also made me think of all the other things I wanted to do after reading about them in books…

the lord of the rings

Be an elf. I actually was an elf at a North Pole once upon a time. It was the most fun job ever- except the ringing bells on the costume every time I had to use the rest room!

meet me at the cupcake cafe

Be a kickass cook mostly specializing in deserts and you think this would be one that could happen with practice but not so much.

Alternatively I would be super happy owning a chocolate factory!

chocolate factory

I would literally shower in chocolate and never, ever leave. Sorry though I would also never give it to some kid.

Somehow I would become a super artsy person who would be able to draw, dance and sing whenever I wanted. Or at least finally be able to finish my writing projects! (Multiple books apply.)


Expert time-traveler. 


Wonderland Explorer

Though I would have to go about it a different way than Alice because I’m definitely not one to stick my head down strange holes. Not even chasing cute bunnies.

rocket raccoon

Comic Book Heroine with a cool costume & I’d like to be friends with Rocket Raccoon because I think he’d be fun!

Hermione Granger

Be a Witch. A good witch of course and naturally I would totally want to teach at Hogwarts.

Queen Cersei

Queen. Good Queen. The thing is I wouldn’t want to be Queen forever- only through the good times. I think you should know when to make your exit. Especially if you’re about to go villain.

Honestly, those are just some of the things books made me want to do and movies would probably add a thousand more would-be job titles to the list!




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