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Book Recommendations Tag: Winter Edition

Book Recommendations Tag: Winter

This is a quick tag that was originally created by Zarriah Rose on Youtube. It’s meant to be book recommendations in a quick snap. I thought I’d try to do it by season this year and of course start with Winter. My favorite season of all!

Best Book You Read Last Month (This Season)

I’ve read some good books recently but a standout that’s perfect for Winter is:

I mean just look at the cover! The main of it takes place during a rough Winter in the Russian wilderness and there are other definite Winter elements but I don’t want to give away spoilers.

Recommend an Old Favorite:

It’s a round about way of getting to a favorite but I recently saw Naomi Novik has a new fairy tale retelling coming out this summer…

Which look at that beautiful cover! And it made me remember how much I loved:

Recommend a Non-Fiction Book:

I just finished Soul at the White Heat by Joyce Carol Oates. I do wish she would have talked a little more in depth. Mostly it was just reviews of other books but I did enjoy it and it’s good for inspiration if you are in a writing slump.

Recommend a Book that Will Help People Escape:

I’m going to have to give it to The Cruel Prince escape to fairyland and not the nice kind romantic one either. Its a good winter read with characters who are mostly gray and these fairies have tails and horns!

Hopefully, I’ll remember this tag when Spring comes around!


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