The Avengers: Reading Habits Part I

the avengers

What do The Avengers read in their spare time? And what books might you be surprised they would read? That they don’t really want anyone else to know about?

*I’m adding Loki to this list because well, I know he’s not an Avenger but I don’t care.



I think especially after the events in Civil Wars he’d be big into books dealing with work issues and life changes. I read this book when I was made a manager at my retail place. But he wouldn’t want Pepper to know. I also think he’d like “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” if he hasn’t read it already. And after Spiderman would probably be picking up some books on parenting.



Bruce Banner would read Hyperbole and a Half and other calming spiritual things like Living a Life of Awareness hopefully to try to find peace and stop turning into the big green guy.

The Hulk

Bruce also might write the first book about being trapped on an alien planet and forced to become a gladiator fighter.


Steve would be a Harry Potter fan. All the kids coming together putting aside their differences and fighting the good fight against evil. I also think he’d like Nimona for the same reason. Enemies who aren’t really enemies. All the feels.


Loki would be a DC fan. I mean naturally he’d think he could do it better but he’d love the play their bad guys get. He’d probably wish it was real so he could cause some trouble Gotham style and he’d love Harley’s fun zest for life anything goes attitude! Along those lines I think he’d like, “I Hate Fairyland,”and admire Gert’s devil may care destruction.


Thor would enjoy funny books and especially celebrity biographies. I imagine after not being invited to Civil Wars he found special meaning in, “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” I also think he’d own both Ellen books and have gone to a signing for the Anna Kendrick book!


Natasha would read historical fiction like The Nightingale and All the Light We Cannot See- stories with strong female leads who have to survive a lot of crap. But none of it involving Gods from other planets or eccentric pain in the ass billionaires.


I think Clint would have picked up YA one night bored while waiting for a mission telling himself that it’s what his kids will be reading soon and absolutely loved the adventure, mystery and fantasy in books like The City of Brass that he reads them all the time now. There’s also a soft spot in his heart for YA contemporaries that he attempts to share with Natasha.



9 thoughts on “The Avengers: Reading Habits Part I

  1. I absolutely think Bruce Banner would be into those calming types of books. Hulk, might be interested in demolition manuals and smash smash. I enjoyed reading this post very much.

  2. This is such a great idea for a post- and I absolutely agree about including Loki 😀 I love your picks as well and I so agree about your choice for Bruce Banner lol (at the very least he’d need it 😉 ) and Steve would *definitely* been an HP fan!

  3. This is such a brilliant post idea, I am absolutely speechless!! Man, it’s so creative and awesome, I am shook and in absolute awe!
    Okay, haha, now that my fangirling is over, I completely agree with all these book choices! We so need to get them canon because Loki would so love the DC universe and oh my god Clint is such a YA type of person!! I’m still shook at this idea honestly.
    Brilliant post!! Thank you so much for writing it 💕

    1. Thanks! I dream of a DC/Marvel cross over at the very least. But then I hold out hope that the Fox/Disney merger could mean a Deadpool Spiderman film in the future and that’s probably never going to happen. Though I totally think Wade would read and write superhero fan fiction 🙂
      Thanks again!

      1. Wade would so sneakily head to fanfics whenever he could, oh my god! And yes, we can only hope amazing things are cooking! Let’s keep praying haha

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