Secret Reading Habits: Guardians of the Galaxy Edition

Guardians of the Galaxy

So I’ve been going through The Avengers basically giving them favorite books they wouldn’t want anyone to know they read book playlists in a a way and the Guardians of the Galaxy- about to appear in Infinity War seemed the next route to take.

Below my choices for what the Guardians (and some not entirely Guardians) would read in their spare time. The ones they wouldn’t want people to necessarily know about…

Safe at Home

I think Peter would naturally work his way through all the great rock and roll books and biographies (along with the music itself) from the years on Earth he missed but then he’d find the unauthorized books about Alyssa Milano- then he’d find out she wrote one about baseball and that would become his top pick for nostalgic reasons.

Totally Awesome 80s

Gamora would naturally do the most research about Earth ways and such but wanting to get to know Peter’s past even better she’d be drawn to 80s things & then she’d find a lot to like not just in the books about the 80s but the television shows and such. Though she wouldn’t ever entirely understand the point of them.

Wuthering Heights

Rocket knows from hard times and pushing people away in the worst possible ways and lashing out. But he’d keep the story of Heathcliff and Catherine very well hidden from his shipmates.


Since Drax is quite literal and has a bit of a twisted sense of humor (at least compared to a lot of people) I’m not sure he’d be big on a lot of books but I think he’d love Spontaneous- a book about snarky and sarcastic teens who quite literally begin to spontaneously combust.

My Sister’s Keeper

Okay, so maybe she’s not technically a guardian. (Is she?) But I like her. I think she’d really go for books about sisters and when My Sister’s Keeper hit a little too close to home I could see her more going for something like…

the other boleyn girl

Regardless sisters screwing each other over, loving each other, fighting with each other and for each other. That would totally be her cup of tea.

And The Trees Crept In

Groot would also want to find some representation and teenage Groot would go for the darker stuff. Trees don’t always get the best rap. But I like to think he would quickly find at least some book idols to look up to.

treebeard lord of the rings
Treebeard from The Two Towers

You are a Badass

Mantis needs a little self-confidence and backbone so heaven knows there’s a raft of books that say they can help with that. I think she’d start with You are a Badass- probably gifted to her by Peter. As far as I could tell from Vol. 2 anyone is better than Drax helping her with this issue.


Mary Poppins

If Yondu was going to get all ready on Earth or anywhere I think he’d be about pirates and a little about accepting your past mistakes and also he’d really enjoyed Firefly. But he’d definitely check out Mary Poppins- I can see him being a big visual person. He’d love the movies but he’d secretly have a stash of all the books to and probably appreciate the comparison even more!

He’d also probably be tickled by something like:

Darth Vader and Son

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