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Top 5 Books of Winter

Top Five Books of Winter

So since it’s pretty much Spring (where I am) I thought I’d do a round-up of the Top 5 Book I Read this Winter. I generally think of winter as between Thanksgiving and changing the clocks- so that’s my time frame on that one. Hopefully good weather, health and reading times ahead no matter what the season!

5. Foolish Hearts

December’s Owlcrate had friendship, family and Shakespeare. I liked all the characters and I appreciated the dialogue and the slice-of-life aspect. It made it all feel very real. I already have more Emma Mills books on my TBR.

4. The Cruel Prince

Technically this book and number three could be tied. But Holly Black’s story of a young girl who wants to be a part of the brutal fae world she was kidnapped into a nasty fairy Prince and all the court machinations and murder was a great surprise. I do think it took a bit to get into and I’m not big on the sisters but that last half… wow. And the potential for the next one!

3. Honor Among Thieves

A very recent read about a girl who bonds with a Leviathan and finds family and acceptance on a journey into space all the while also finding out secrets are being kept by all and no one has a clue what they signed up for…

That was a very roundabout explanation wasn’t it?

Great book. Great characters with choices that surprised me and much like The Cruel Prince incredible potential ahead.

2. The Loneliest Girl in the Universe

I suppose psychological thrillers are good at any time of the year. They just feel more right to me in winter, what can I say? A girl whose never known anything but space and has been alone for years finally has help on the way. But that help might turn into a torment she has no escape from.

It was a quick read that I really couldn’t put down.

This would be an awesome movie!

1. The Bear and the Nightingale

A beautifully written book about a young girl and her family struggling to survive Winter in the Russian wilderness as they turn away from the old ways. Okay, there’s a lot else going on here but you really should just read the book. It’s got a bit of everything and as you can tell Winter itself plays a huge part in the story. I absolutely loved it. The sequel is already out and the end of the trilogy is scheduled for later this year!


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