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Love the Clothes, Lose the Romance

Funny Face

Funny Face

Directed By: Stanley Donen

Grade: B-

The beginning of this movie gave me Devil Wears Prada vibes which then made me think- that should have been a musical. I got a little bit of Diane Chambers vibes from Jo (Audrey Hepburn) if you’ve ever checked out Cheers. So it was a bit of a strange beginning to a pretty typical old-school romance.

Anyway this was my Blindspot Series pick for March.

Jo wants a shot to go to Paris to meet this philosopher she follows. That chance is provided by Dick Avery (Fred Astaire) and Maggie (Kay Thompson) who are looking for the perfect new model for a new line launching.

The Good:

Audrey Hepburn is perfect in the role really. The clothes are gorgeous. The special line in the movie is actually designed by Givenchy and really I would wear the clothes today (if I had some place to wear them to) and Hepburn was such a fashion icon even then that I bought the whole modeling thing.

Also- Paris. 🙂

Oddly for me I liked some of the numbers quiet a bit: Think Pink and Bonjour, Paris definitely stand out as at least making me smile. We get to see Audrey Hepburn do a cool Bohemian style dance and I did enjoy all the performances.

It’s always the romance with me and I tell myself and tell myself, different time periods. Take that into account. But the first time they meet Dick kisses her without asking, she kicks him out and almost immediately after is singing about love.


I could never figure out in this movie why she loved him. No, no offense to Fred Astaire but he’s almost three decades older than Hepburn here and I just… I didn’t see it. The only thing I could figure was he got her to Paris and gave her pretty clothes which hey- more power to you girl.

Despite that there was actually enough in this film that I enjoyed it. It’s a sweet diverting and pretty little trifle as it goes. But seriously, Devil Wears Prada should have been a musical.

Recommend: Yes. Romance aside if you’re fans of any of the principals, fashion or musicals you’d probably enjoy this film.

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