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Unpopular Opinions: Film and TV Edition

Unpopular Opinions

The Unpopular Opinions Tag is technically a book tag though I’m doing a Film and Television Edition because I think I have a lot more unpopular opinions about them. Either way this tag was originally created by The Book Archer.

These are my opinions of course. No offense intended.

A Popular Series You Don’t Like

I didn’t care about the series at first. Like I’m find with mindless fun but as the movies got more outrageous for some reason I just get more and more incensed. I can’t even explain why. It’s not like I don’t like a lot of outrageous crap. These just bug me for some reason.

A Popular Show/Film Everyone Else Hates But You Love:

I think this show still gets the ratings but I notice more and more people turning up their noses (virtually). “You still watch that? Ugh. It’s not even funny anymore.”

Sorry. It helps my anxiety. I still love it.

A Love Triangle Where the Person Ended Up with the Person You Didn’t Like: 

Without being to spoilery (I Hope)

I would have to say The Hunger Games and though it’s not an unpopular answer I hated who Hermione wound up with in Harry Potter.

You could have done better 🙂

A Popular Genre that You Hardly Watch:

Maybe this is more of a sub- genre but I don’t get anywhere near medical dramas.

My mom watched House and I swear every time I even caught a glimpse of the show something gross was coming out of somewhere it shouldn’t. Plus I’m a big old hypochondriac so I will develop the symptoms of whatever plot of the week story line is going on.

A Beloved Character You Don’t Like:

It’s not that I hate the character I just can’t help think she’s overrated. Like I know she basically is the most important part of the show but if it was just the other kids I would still watch (and quiet frankly I think that kid that played Will killed it last season) if it was just Eleven… I wouldn’t.

A Popular Show or Series You Can’t Get Into:

Outlander. I tried. I really did- maybe I’ll try again some time but it just never seems to click for me.

A Popular Trope You’re Tired of Seeing:

Killing off characters so that “no one’s ever safe.” Read: Game of Thrones does it and everyone loves them so we’re gonna do it to! To hell with purpose or story!

A Popular Show or Film You Have No Interest in Seeing:

I put this on here because I occasionally did want to watch it- but probably VEEP. There’s just too many episodes and it feels so daunting.

A Movie or Show Adaptation You Prefer More than the Book:

The Lord of the Rings

Though actually with one glaring HBO exception I at least like most adaptions as much as the book. I know they have to make changes and I love seeing any of it visually- so usually I’m fine. The Lord of the Rings was one where I read the book before hand and it was just… long. With so many asides. I was pretty happy here with the streamlining.

And those are (some of) my unpopular book and film opinions. 🙂

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