Unpopular Opinions: Film and TV Edition

Unpopular Opinions

The Unpopular Opinions Tag is technically a book tag though I’m doing a Film and Television Edition because I think I have a lot more unpopular opinions about them. Either way this tag was originally created by The Book Archer.

These are my opinions of course. No offense intended.

A Popular Series You Don’t Like

Fast and Furious

I didn’t care about the series at first. Like I’m find with mindless fun but as the movies got more outrageous for some reason I just get more and more incensed. I can’t even explain why. It’s not like I don’t like a lot of outrageous crap. These just bug me for some reason.

A Popular Show/Film Everyone Else Hates But You Love:

I think this show still gets the ratings but I notice more and more people turning up their noses (virtually). “You still watch that? Ugh. It’s not even funny anymore.”

Penny and Leonard on TBBT

Sorry. It helps my anxiety. I still love it.

A Love Triangle Where the Person Ended Up with the Person You Didn’t Like: 

Without being to spoilery (I Hope)

I would have to say The Hunger Games and though it’s not an unpopular answer I hated who Hermione wound up with in Harry Potter.

Hermione Granger
You could have done better 🙂

A Popular Genre that You Hardly Watch:

Maybe this is more of a sub- genre but I don’t get anywhere near medical dramas.

Hugh Laurie as House

My mom watched House and I swear every time I even caught a glimpse of the show something gross was coming out of somewhere it shouldn’t. Plus I’m a big old hypochondriac so I will develop the symptoms of whatever plot of the week story line is going on.

A Beloved Character You Don’t Like:

Eleven in Stranger Things

It’s not that I hate the character I just can’t help think she’s overrated. Like I know she basically is the most important part of the show but if it was just the other kids I would still watch (and quiet frankly I think that kid that played Will killed it last season) if it was just Eleven… I wouldn’t.

A Popular Show or Series You Can’t Get Into:


Outlander. I tried. I really did- maybe I’ll try again some time but it just never seems to click for me.

A Popular Trope You’re Tired of Seeing:

Killing off characters so that “no one’s ever safe.” Read: Game of Thrones does it and everyone loves them so we’re gonna do it to! To hell with purpose or story!

A Popular Show or Film You Have No Interest in Seeing:

I put this on here because I occasionally did want to watch it- but probably VEEP. There’s just too many episodes and it feels so daunting.

A Movie or Show Adaptation You Prefer More than the Book:

the two towers

The Lord of the Rings

Though actually with one glaring HBO exception I at least like most adaptions as much as the book. I know they have to make changes and I love seeing any of it visually- so usually I’m fine. The Lord of the Rings was one where I read the book before hand and it was just… long. With so many asides. I was pretty happy here with the streamlining.

And those are (some of) my unpopular book and film opinions. 🙂

21 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions: Film and TV Edition

  1. i like big bang too! 😀
    my friend was really into outlander but i just didn’t like the sound of it so haven’t even tried watching it

  2. I’ve never seen a Fast and Furious movie! I wasn’t sure how I felt about the love triangle resolution in THG either…

    I didn’t like Eleven that much in Stranger Things 2, I didn’t like how rude she was to the new girl (forgetting the name).

  3. I thought at that point in THG Katniss was probably better off alone 🙂

    I definitely had problems with how Eleven treated Max! A little jealousy is one thing I suppose borderline channeling Carrie is a whole other issue. Hopefully next season they’ll adjust that and she can at least be cordial!

    1. Exactly! I wasn’t sure about Max at first, but by halfway through or so I really liked her! I thought they overdid the Eleven-resents-Max thing a bit… I mean of all people she should know what it’s like to be on the receiving end?

  4. How does The Big Bang Theory help your anxiety? I’ve never seen any of it, but I’m always looking for stuff to help with anxiety.

    I couldn’t get into Outlander the book so I didn’t even try with the series.

  5. When my anxiety is really bad I tend toward watching certain comedies like TBBT, Parks and Recreation, or going a bit further back Cheers, Golden Girls stuff like that. Truth be told I never know why it helps (and it doesn’t always) I think it’s just a calming thing. Thirty minutes. Happy. Friendly. I know they can make me smile. Nothing that’s going to put me on edge further and I’ve seen them all so many times I mostly know the episodes by heart. I hope that helps.

  6. I totally still love The Big Bang Theory too! I just love those characters. I still think that the show still holds up pretty well after eleven seasons. I also, as well, was initially turned off by House cause of the scenes where surgeries and such would occur. By then, at some point, I started watching it anyways, and it became a favorite of mine. Hugh Laurie was amazing on that show. As far as Outlander, I always just liked the show, but this past season (season three) was by far my favorite season the show has ever had. It made up for the just okay first two seasons. Definitely a show to revisit. I actually love Veep. I have to admit though, I didn’t love the first episode but soon after watching more, I quickly became a fan of the show. After watching the series, you totally understand why Julia Louis-Dreyfus wins an Emmy year after year for her part on the show. Literally, amazing!

    1. Oh, I definitely want to catch up on Outlander one of these days. I haven’t read the novels but am familiar with the story to know I’d really like the last season. Same with VEEP I see the gifs and think oh, I should watch that but on the other hand I’m so far behind already and there’s so many shows!
      I cried at the season finale of TBBT but more when Sheldon saw who was officiating than the actual vows! 🙂

      1. These days I tend to read a book that I know is going to be adapted into a tv show/movie before the show/movie starts. Although, with Outlander once I saw how many books and how long the books were I was like, “Ummmmm….. I think I’ll just watch the show by itself”, lol. It would of taken me forever and a day to finish reading those books, lol. But yes, I would say season three is reason alone to start watching it again. So incredibly good. The story line and performances were just beyond amazing and heartbreaking at the same time.

        Veep is definitely one to watch. The next season coming up is season seven which will be the last season. I believe every season has around ten episodes. You could probably catch up before the new season starts which hasn’t set an air date yet. I get it though, with all the shows out these days. There’s soooo many, lol.

        The Big Bang Theory continues to be a joy to watch. I love the finale too!

  7. Maybe I’ll try VEEP again. I do tend to have a bad habit of getting really invested in shows right as they’re coming to an end so that sounds about right 🙂

    1. LoL, I get that. I actually watched the first three seasons On Demand before I was caught up for when the show was actually on tv. That’s like me with Nashville. I watched a few episodes when the show started on tv, then fell super behind. Then I took forever to get Hulu, and after many months finally caught up on the series. Then it was announced the show would be ending. But of course, lol.

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