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reading rapunzel

Apparently I’m all about setting myself goals this Spring. I have the Magical Readathon (in which I’m already off the TBR to be honest), my Spring TBR a bunch of personal goals and then as I was reading Bad Feminist I went through and made a list of all the authors whom I’ve always wanted to try.

You know, those authors where you’re forever picking up one of their books and then putting it back until next time? Or telling people oh, yeah I’m going to read her next.

This is my list:

the ministry of utmost happiness

I have read interviews with Arundhati Roy and always think, “Hm, I bet I’ll like her books,” and then nothing. So this ones so pretty and seems so Spring like I’m going to pick it up.

zadie smith feel free

I actually own Swing Time but my brain always being what it is naturally I want to read Feel Free. I think I’m more in a nonfiction mood right now anyway.

little fires everywhere

This book has gotten such attention and now it’s getting an adaptation. I want to read it so badly but on the other hand I’m afraid this might be a hype will let you down kind of read. Anyway, I’m putting it on the goals list.

Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov is one of those authors that have always interested me but also always made me feel like this could potentially be a real chore. So I might try something besides Fantastic Voyage. (Maybe some shorter writing.) But he’s on the list as well.

milk and honey

April is poetry month apparently. I like poetry 🙂 I’ve been wanting to try this collection forever. I know some people prefer her second book but I’d pretty much have to read them both because I can’t go out of order.

joe abercrombie the blade itself

Joe Abercrombie is another one I’ve had in my hand or in my cart and always put back daunted by the size. Truth is I don’t really know a great deal more about his books than that. But a couple of bloggers I follow enjoy his writing more than they thought they would.


Daphne Du Maurier has so many books that I read the synopsis and think I’d enjoy yet Rebecca has been unread on my Kindle for something like four years. I am doing it this time! Then hopefully if I like her as much as I think I will- onto the other writing!

joan didion

Okay, I’ll admit I picked this one up because they were reading it in Ingrid Goes West and when I went to look it up it was $2.99! Score! Honestly every time I’ve been interested in Didion before I’ve kind of thought her more recent stuff seemed to sad so it will be worth reading this one which seems a lot about the 60s.

Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

I have never read anything by Morgan Rhodes and a lot of her series either seems like something I’d really love or something I’d be bored with so I’m looking forward to seeing which one it is.

beatrix potter

When I was a kid I know I was read to that books were a huge part of my life. Yet the main memories I have of childhood reading was Stephen King. Which is a little odd. And Charlotte’s Web- which made me cry. Yet Beatrix Potter keeps getting mentioned in other books I’ve been reading recently and I really hope to find myself a nice edition and try her tales.

20 fragments of a ravenous youth

Looking up this author there were a couple of choices I think I’d really like (they sound very relatable and I love the covers I saw) to read but for some reason this one stands out to me. Perhaps it is the milkshake?

I’m giving myself Spring and Summer to read through these. If anyone has any favorites among the authors or recommends books I should try I’m totally open to it! Just let me know!

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  1. I read Falling Kingdoms and Rebecca. I enjoyed both of those books. 😊
    I bought Little Fires Everywhere on my Kindle and I really want to dive in soon. I’ve seen some excellent reviews from bloggers that share similar reading preferences to mine and I am hopeful. 🍀🤞
    I am inspired by some of books on your list. Milk and Honey is something I am hoping to read too one day. 😊

  2. I’m a big fan of The Birds movie and only recently learned that it was a book written by du Maurier, so I want to try her as well. I think the Beatrix Potter tales would be adorable too.

    Asimov I had trouble getting into (Foundation) but I was younger, maybe it would work more for me now? And I’ve heard good things about Celeste Ng.

  3. I didn’t know she had written The Birds movie! Maybe that’s the one to check out 🙂
    Asimov does worry me to. Might put it off until late summer when there’s more free time!

  4. Looking forward to it. Reese Witherspoon picked a winner to adapt with Big Little Lies so I’m hoping this one will have the same intrigue and character work!

  5. Thanks! I was so excited this morning the complete collection of Beatrix Potter was on Kindle for $2.99. I’d prefer it in physical but money saved is money saved!

  6. I am with you on a lot of these. I want to read Zadie Smith, Celest Ng, and Rupi Kaur. I have their books in my TBR pile, but keep picking others instead…not sure why…I want to read their books. But don’t know why I keep choosing other books!

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