Spring Cleaning My Mind… Mini-Reviews

furiously happy

Furiously Happy

 By: Jenny Lawson

Grade: A-

So I’ve been super interested in all kinds of “self-help,” “universal energy,” kind of books recently. I actually wound up ending my run with what turned out to be my favorite. I’ve had Furiously Happy on audiobook since 2016 and finally, finally buckled down and finished it.

It went pretty fast too! I think I might finally be clicking with audio!

Anyway Lawson herself narrates this book about her struggles with many mental health (and other health) related issues. She’s funny and charming although at times I thought she was very lucky to be able to constantly have fun and look at the bright side of this there were other moments I related more to.

I especially appreciated the end of this book when she talks about how reaching out to people and having them respond and tell their stories back has helped save her a thousand times over. Just the connection to people. As someone whose always feared the crueler side of the Internet I’m starting to see how very much this can be true.

Recommend: Yes. 

Sacred Powers

Sacred Powers

By: david ji

Grade: B

This book about mediation and the sacred transformations is a little harder for me. Because I admit as much as I try, as much as I want to, sometimes this stuff just goes flying over my head.

I appreciate his talk of his travels and some real history behind the information- and that actually did help me connect in some ways. There’s also a couple of places to answer some fairly in-depth questions about what you want. All that was good.I highlighted a ton of stuff in my copy.

Keep your mind in the present moment. I have to work harder on that.

Other parts my mind was definitely wandering.

Recommend: Maybe. I think if it’s not something you aren’t already interested in you probably won’t like it.

the year of yes

Year of Yes

By: Shonda Rhimes

Grade: B

Obviously Rhimes, who writes Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get away with Murder, is going to be a writer who knows how to turn out fast, relatable and entertaining copy and this book was no different.

It’s also an interesting and simple idea. How many times do you say no? How many times do you say I can’t? Either because you’re afraid or you don’t have the time. It doesn’t make a difference. I mean yes, most of us aren’t going to be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live but how many times have we told our children (or pets in my case) sorry no time to play maybe later?

The actual work on this of saying yes to all the opportunities that come our way is something we can all attempt and I’ve considered myself. (My anxiety laughs at that but that’s a whole other story.)

I liked this book but weirdly I felt like there was something missing that I couldn’t quiet put my finger on. It felt to fast in some ways and strung together actually more like episodes which makes sense I suppose.

Recommend: Yes. Like I said it’s definitely something we could all give a try.

You are a Badass

You are a Badass

By: Jen Sincero

Grade: C

This is one I struggled with and to be fair, I knew I would. Along the lines of Sacred Powers Jen Sincero talks a lot about manifesting things and reaching out to the universal energy. First things first I don’t think I’ve ever manifested money and funny thing, when money has just come to me, like a bonus or something timing is fortuitous in the sense that it’s almost always followed by the car breaking down or a pet emergency or something I need to use it for.

Maybe I should try manifesting and being really specific… I need some extra money universe to travel. Ireland and Scotland would be cool to start. No pressure though…

We’ll see.

Now Sincero does also point out that you need to put in the work.

I also knew about the comments about depressed people just needing to essentially stop telling themselves that and stop believing their story and get on with it. Maybe I should give her the benefit of the doubt that she doesn’t mean people who suffer from depression? Although I still think you’re walking a fine line.

(Also I just want to say as someone who suffers from anxiety do you know how hard it is to hear that you are the energy you put out? That you can change your life if you can just change your thoughts? Yeah. It’s a dark round about way of telling people you’re doing this to yourself.) I also think some of her advice in the money sections is seriously questionable.

But like I said I always make the decisions on what I read. I think this book could be helpful in targeted doses breaking down the parts. Like you just need a quick pick-me up or a shot of confidence try it.

Recommend: Negative.