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April Wrap-Up: So Many Aliens

blue skies and spring

Every time Spring rolls around I decide I’ve somehow developed a green thumb and surround myself with flowers and succulents and things that grow. This April was really no different. I’m finishing off my herb garden (which is really just a shelf) but hoping for the best with keeping them alive!


I read fifteen books and surpassed my Goodreads goal of 54 books! So I decided to reset and this is what I’m currently at:

41 books ahead of schedule. Hey, I’m behind or barely keeping up with anything else so I’m going with it!

If I’m tracking a theme throughout many of the books I read this month and shows and films it would probably be aliens.

Best reads of the month would definitely be:


The Humans

Highly recommend them both.

Reread The Tommyknockers

I feel on the verge of diving down the Stephen King/horror rabbit hole.

I also listened to the audiobook for Quidditch through the Ages which was narrated by Andrew Lincoln, which only made me wonder why Rick Grimes couldn’t have been English so he could use his actual accent. The best part though was Rita Skeeter and Ginny Weasley covering the big final game with Skeeter’s commentary on Potter and friends in the VIP section!

Not only was she very funny I feel like I learned more about Harry and friends adult life in that little bit then the whole of the play.

I also finished Waking Gods (book 2 of The Themis Files) I must admit I liked this one a lot more than Sleeping Giants it was a lot more lively &  I was quiet surprised at some of the things that happened. Book 3- Only Human just came out yesterday so I hope to get to it this month!

In other news I canceled my two Page Habits subscriptions. Which I would say go me 🙂 but I resubscribed to Fairy Loot so that didn’t last!


Westworld returned and I still haven’t watched the second episode. To be honest the first one was a little… eh. I’m worried they’re going to needlessly complicate things like the timeline because they got so much mileage out of it the first time around.

I also watched:

Lost in Space on Netflix- which I’m going to write about because I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would.

Movie Wise:

It was kind of a slow movie month. Ruled by the big one of course. I’ve already been back to see Infinity War

7 Days in Hell is a short forty-five minute Andy Samberg/Kit Harrington playing each other in the most ridiculous tennis tournament of all time. It’s not the type of thing I would usually watch. But it had it’s moments and I think Kit Harrington could actually be really good in comedies in the future- which is saying something because Jon Snow does nothing for me.

Deadpool 2 and Solo are the big movies this month and I have a long list of films I’d like to catch up on.

Hope everyone has a great May!

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